How to Register a Smart Promo with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

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A good way to get value for your money if you’re using a prepaid sim card is through promos. In this article, we will teach you how to register to a Smart promo using your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Register to Smart Promo with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Smart Prepaid regular calls and texts cost Php 6.50 per min calls to Smart, TNT and Sun, Php 7.50 per minute to other networks, and Php 1.00 per 160 characters. To get the most value, you may register to unlimited texts, unlimited calls, and texts to all networks (all net texts).

Data promos are also available for people on the go but need to be connected. Free Facebook with FB messenger, free Youtube are available to get videos streamed without eating your data MB. The data promos are also available for chat apps and other applications such as Spinnr, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Dubsmash.

These data offer and call and text promos have different validities from less than 1 day to 30 days and even 60 days.

Here are some ways to register to a Smart promo using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Smart Promo using offer a 10% cashback on all Philippine load purchases. This includes load purchases from Smart, Talk ‘N Text, Sun, Globe, and Touch Mobile.

What you’ll need:

  • Active account (Register here!)
  • Peso/bitcoin/bitcoin cash/ethereum balance
  • Smart prepaid mobile number

Step 1: Opening your

Open your and have your Smart prepaid number ready. Tap on Buy Load on the user interface. You can either type in the Smart prepaid number or tap on the user icon to select a number from your contact list. Tap on Next to go to the next screen.

Step 2: Choosing your Smart Promo

If you’ve put the correct number, you’ll see the Smart logo together with the number. You can edit the number by tapping on it. Direct Smart Promos can range from Text, Data, Call, or Combo.


  • All Text 10
  • All Text Plus 20
  • All Text Plus 40
  • All Text 50


  • All Out Surf 30
  • All Out Surf 50
  • Giga Surf 50
  • All Out Surf 99
  • Giga Surf 99


  • SulitIDD50
  • SulitIDD100
  • SulitIDD500


  • Unli Call and Text 30
  • Unli Call and Text 50
  • Unli Call and Text 100
  • Unli Call and Text 350

Step 3: Purchasing

You can now choose what wallet you’ll use to pay for your Smart promo. There are two options, you can either use your Peso wallet or Bitcoin wallet.

For users who want to use their ether or bitcoin cash, make sure to convert them to Peso or BTC first.

This page will also let you check all your transactions. Once everything is good to go, Slide to Send. According to you’ll be automatically subscribed to your chosen load promo after receiving a text confirmation within 10 minutes.

In addition, after every successful load transaction, you will get the 10% rebate to your Peso wallet.

Smart Promo using is a wholly owned subsidiary of Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI Ventures). It is one of the first companies in the country to receive a virtual currency exchange license in the country together with Betur, Inc (known as

What you’ll need:

  • Verified account (Register here!)
  • bitcoin balance
  • Smart Prepaid number

Step 1: Verify your Rebit account

You will need to have your account verified before you can buy load and promos using Complete the necessary KYC and make sure you have enough bitcoin to process a purchase.

Step 2: Choosing your E-Load Type

After successfully verifying your account, go back to the homepage and scroll down. Choose your E-load type and have your Smart prepaid number ready.

Smart Promo available:

  • Smart LahatTxt 20
  • Smart LahatTxt 30
  • Smart GaanTxt Plus 10
  • Smart All Text 10
  • Smart All Text Plus 20
  • Smart All Text 30 MMS
  • Smart All Text 40
  • Smart All Text 50
  • Smart GaanTxt 20
  • Smart UPSIZE 20
  • Smart UPSIZE 35
  • Smart UPSIZE 70
  • Smart UPSIZE 130
  • Smart All Calls 20
  • Smart All Calls 100
  • Smart Gaan All-In-One 15
  • Smart Gaan All-In-One 20
  • Smart Gaan All-In-One 30
  • Smart Gaan All-In-One 55
  • Smart Gaan All-In-One 99
  • Smart Hellow 15
  • Smart Hellow 30
  • Smart Hellow 50
  • Smart Hellow 60
  • Smart Hellow 100
  • Smart Hellow 115
  • Smart Hellow 200
  • Smart Hellow 300
  • Smart Hellow 500
  • Smart Hellow 1000

These Smart promos are available in addition to the regular Smart load.

After choosing your e-load type. Put in the recipient’s name (you can put any name) and the recipient’s Smart prepaid number. Click on Next: Review

Step 3: Review and Confirmation

Make sure to review the Smart prepaid number where the load will be sent. Don’t mind the email as it is automatically generated by’s system and it is also its code for the load promo you’ll get. Once finished, don’t forget to click on Confirm.

As you can also see from the image above, stated what time the load will get processed.

If you weren’t able to get your account verified you might get the same error as shown below:

Smart Promo using TagCash

TagCash received its e-money issuer (EMI) license from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas on June 2018. Founded in the Philippines in 2014, it is a digital wallet developer that builds financial solutions through the blockchain. Aside from the wallets, you can also pay bills such as Meralco, PLDT, etc and buy load and promos using its official TagCash app.

Note: This won’t let you buy Smart promo using bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies but it uses the TagCash’s permissioned blockchain.

What you’ll need:

  • Active TagCash Wallet (Android) (iOS)
  • Philippine Peso Wallet (with balance)
    • Make sure to add a Philippine Peso Wallet
    • You can deposit fiat via bank (over-the-counter or online) and via 7-Eleven
  • Smart prepaid number

Step 1: Create a Philippine Peso Wallet

After installing the TagCash Wallet app, register your email, Facebook, or Google account. Open TagCash and tap on Wallet. You will see Play Points wallet with 10 default PLAY token. Add additional wallet by tapping on the + sign.

With the Philippine Peso Wallet now available, you need to add funds. You can do it by tapping on your PHP wallet and then Deposit. You two options on how you can deposit funds, either via bank or 7-Eleven. Choosing the bank will also lead you to two options, over-the-counter or online.

After successfully funding your account, we will now go to loading your Smart prepaid number.

Step 2: Buying Smart Promo

Now you have funds in your PHP wallet, you can now go to the app’s homepage and tap on Buy Load. Choose Smart and your chosen Smart Promo and put the Smart prepaid number. Tap on Buy Load and you’re good to go.

Available Smart Promo:

  • Gaan TXT 10
  • All Text 10
  • Gaan All-In-One 15
  • All Out Surf 15
  • Gaan All-In-One 20
  • Gaan TXT 20
  • Lahat Text 20
  • All Text 20
  • All-In 25
  • Lahat Text 30
  • Gaan All-In-One 30
  • All Out Surf 30
  • All Out Surf 50
  • Giga Surf 50
  • Gaan All-In-One 55
  • Gaan All-In-One 99
  • Giga Surf 99
  • All Out Surf 99

With these options readily available as long as you have funds in your wallet, you wouldn’t worry about your unlimited promo ending. It saves you time in going out and fighting the scorching sun or the heavy rain.

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