How to Register Smart Unli using Bitcoin and Crypto

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Smart Communications also known as Smart is a major telecommunications and digital services provider in the Philippines. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of PLDT Inc. As of September 2016, it has around 61.8 subscribers in its Smart, TNT, and Sun brands.

With the emergence of,, and TagCash, you can now register to Smart unli promos easier and here’s how.

The three companies,, and TagCash all have direct Smart promos available. It can be for mobile internet, text messaging, unlimited calls and texts, or unlimited texts to all networks that can be valid for 3 days to 30 days.

Alternatively, you can check the Smart website as it also posts Smart promos that range from mobile internet, Free FB, FB messenger, Youtube, Spinnr, texts to Smart TNT, text combo, tri net and other promos available.

Smart Unli using recently celebrated its 5 million customers on May 2018 and announced its plans on adding bitcoin cash. As of this writing, the company has an additional XRP wallet to go with its PHP, BTC, ETH, and BCH.

Registering Smart unli using will also give you a 10% cashback.

What you’ll need:

  • Active account (Register here!)
  • Peso/bitcoin/bitcoin cash/ethereum/ripple balance
  • Smart prepaid mobile number

Step 1: Opening your

After successfully making a registration to, open the mobile application. You can also try logging on to the website but it will only let you buy regular load rather than a direct Smart unli promo. On the user interface, tap on Buy Load and have your Smart prepaid number ready. You can either type the number manually or search it in your contacts by tapping on the user icon. Tap on Next once finished.

Step 2: Choosing your Smart Unli

After clicking on Next from the previous screen, you can now choose what kind of Smart Unli you’d like to purchase. If you will also notice, the Smart prepaid number is visible on top of the screen, you can edit it by tapping on the number.

Available Smart Unli:

  • All Text Plus 20
  • Unli Call and Text 30
  • Unli Call and Text 50
  • Unli Call and Text 100
  • Unli Call and Text 350
  • All Out Surf 30 (comes with unli all-net texts)
  • All Out Surf 50 (comes with unli all-net texts)
  • All Out Surf 99 (comes with unli all-net texts)

Step 3: Purchasing your Smart Unli

You can choose what wallet you want to use for your purchase by tapping on the Change button. You can either choose Peso or BTC. If your balance is in your ethereum, bitcoin cash, or ripple wallet, make sure to convert it to PHP or BTC first.

Before you “Slide to Send”, this page will also let you preview your purchase and transactions. Again, if you put the wrong number, simply tap on the Smart prepaid number above. Once you’re good, Side to Send and wait for a confirmation text and you’ll be automatically subscribed to your Smart unli within 10 minutes.

Your 10% cashback will go straight to your Peso wallet after every successful load transaction.

Smart Unli using

Aside from transferring remittances abroad using the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, also has an option to purchase e-load or have a direct Smart unli promo. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI Ventures).

What you’ll need:

  • Verified account (Register here!)
  • bitcoin balance
  • Smart Prepaid number

Step 1: Verifying your Account

After signing up and registering to the website, make sure to verify your account. As unverified accounts has Php 0.00 daily limit and Php 0.00 max limit. Complete the necessary KYC and make sure to put the necessary amount of BTC needed to purchase your Smart Unli.

Step 2: E-Load Type

Go to the site’s homepage and scroll down a bit and click on E-load. Choose your E-load Type which is your Smart unli promo and have your number ready.

Smart Unli Available:

  • Smart All Text Plus 20

*Note: You can also buy the regular Smart load and register text to the number provided. You can check this Smart website:

After choosing your e-load type, put in a name and a Smart prepaid number and click on Next: Review. 

Step 3: Review and Confirmation

After choosing to whether buy a Smart regular load or a direct Smart All Text Plus promo, review your transaction. Check the Smart prepaid number and the Smart unli you will purchase. Disregard the email address as it is auto-generated by the Rebit’s system. After all is good to go, click Confirm.

Please also take note of the fine print that will say when the transaction will get processed.

You might get the same error as the image below if you weren’t able to verify your account.

Smart Unli using TagCash

TagCash is founded in the Philippines in 2014. It runs on its own permissioned blockchain and has the ability to store cryptocurrencies, purchase load and promos, pay bills, etc. It received its e-money issuer (EMI) license with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas on June 2018.

*Note: Using TagCash to buy Smart Unli will not let you use cryptocurrencies to purchase for your promo but instead, it will go through TagCash’s own blockchain system.

What you’ll need:

  • Active TagCash Wallet (Android) (iOS)
  • Philippine Peso Wallet (with balance)
    • Make sure to add a Philippine Peso Wallet
    • You can deposit fiat via bank (over-the-counter or online) and via 7-Eleven
  • Smart prepaid number

Step 1: Creating a Philippine Peso Wallet

Upon downloading the app, register using your email, Facebook or Google. After the registration, create a new wallet as the app’s default wallet is Play Points with 10 PLAY tokens. You can add a wallet by tapping on the + sign and searching Philippine Pesos (PHP) under Fiat.

Step 2: Putting Funds

After adding the PHP wallet, we need to put in funds. You can put funds by tapping on your wallet and tapping on Deposit. You will have an option on how to deposit funds. You can either choose via bank which is available online or over-the-counter, or via 7-eleven then have your Smart prepaid number ready.

Step 3: Buying the Smart Unli

In order to buy a Smart Unli using TagCash, you will need to go back to the homepage. Tap on BUY LOAD and choose your network: Smart. Put the amount of Smart Unli you will purchase and tap on BUY LOAD to finish the transaction.

Available Smart Unli

  • All Text 20
  • All Out Surf 30
  • All Out Surf 50
  • All Out Surf 99

If you want to check other Smart promos available, you can go to Smart Communications’ official website.

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