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Splinterlands Prepares for Brawls 2.0, Introduces 32 New Set of Cards

Photo for the Article - Splinterlands Prepares for Brawls 2.0, Introduces 32 New Set of Cards

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From 500 daily new registrations in the beginning of July to over 5,000 daily new registrations before heading into August, Splinterlands, a digital collectible and trading card game operating under Hive blockchain, is now preparing to launch Brawls 2.0 feature of their in-game guild system.

Brawls 2.0 is an expansion of Splinterland’s current Brawls system and adds new features like tactical and strategic depth into battles, in addition to game enhancements such as Mana Well and the Battle screen. (Read More: How to Play-to-Earn Splinterlands: Philippines Guide: SPS Token 101)

The testing phase for Brawls 2.0 is still currently ongoing and is only available for what Splinterlands team called “Monster Mavericks.” These are players that bought at least 500 packs from their previous released editions.

The new edition of card packs is what they called “Gladius Cases” which are exclusive only inside the Guild Store. It consists of five (5) cards, the same with the previously released card packs. 

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According to Splinterlands official blog post, Gladius cases cards are far more stronger than normal cards that are used on ranked battles because they are intended to be used as your monsters’ team leaders.

Aside from that, there are certain rules on Gladius case cards which don’t apply to normal cards:

1. Gladiator cards cannot be traded, delegated, rented, or sold which they called SoulBound or only attached to a player’s account.

2. Gladiator cards can only be played in Brawls.

3. In a team battle, a player can only select one (1) Gladiator card per battle.

4. There is no limit to a number of Gladius cases which can be purchased on the Guild store.

5. Legendary and Alchemy potions don’t work on Gladius cases. Instead, Splinterlands will introduce a new item which can be used on Gladius cases called Bloodstones and Power stones which work similarly as potions.

6. Gladiator cards levels can be limited by the guild Fray levels.

7. Gladiator cards are also counted under a player’s Collection Power score and will count for their SPS airdrop.

8. Gladiator cards can also be burned and converted into DEC at Untamed burn rates.

9. All Gladius Edition cards have a new ability called “Bloodlust” which gains more strength as they kill more enemies, becoming more dangerous as the battle goes on.

The Splinterlands team clarified that QA testing doesn’t have an exact date but they assured that it will be announced soon.

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