The 22 Projects on Tezos Changing the Game: Inside Cohort 1 of the TZ APAC EGG Web3 Incubator

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60 founders. 22 projects. 8 different countries. Here is a look at the talented teams building real-world web3 solutions in Cohort 1 of the incubator program.

TZ APAC’s EGG Web3 Incubator seeks to nurture APAC’s next generation of Web3 entrepreneurs. On Welcome Day (14 September 2022), 22 teams driving innovative projects gathered to introduce themselves and kickstart their journey. They were watched closely by the experienced mentors in the program, all seasoned and influential Web3 figures seeking diamonds in the rough that have the potential to be the next game-changing startup.

So, what’s brewing? The teams are all hard at work, doing what they do best – building. Under the watchful eyes of our mentors and insights from workshops and masterclasses organized for them, the founders are turning bright ideas into real-world solutions. With two more months to Demo Day on 15 December 2022, the excitement in the air is palpable – what magic will the teams be able to work up?

This article takes you through the 22 projects that are set to elevate the Web3 ecosystem.

All Access Anonymous

All Access Anonymous is taking aim at the stranglehold that current ticketing giants have on the experience economy, and giving back artists, promoters, and fans the equity they deserve. Creators (artists & festival promoters) and fans can now interact in an open and fair social economy, through a decentralized network with a DAO-based token and NFT economy.

Lumos Protocol

With Lumos Protocol, NFT assets are taken to a next level of utility. Lumos allows you to load up NFTs with any digital asset, which in turn become child assets. It features cutting-edge mechanics for NFTs such as time-locked withdrawal of child assets, programmable interest on the child assets, and many more. This enables impressive use cases for blockchain projects across DeFi, Gaming, DAOs, and Creator Economy.

Teztrack by Skolalabs

Teztrack is designed to be your all-in-one portfolio tracker, social network, and home base in the Tezos ecosystem. Their Social-Fi integrated platform is a beautiful synthesis of convenience and community, where users can explore the latest in Tezos NFT, DeFi, and gaming together.


Squidpay is a discount payment platform that takes advantage of economies of scale to provide inventory from merchants in bulk and passes on savings to their customers in the form of lower prices. In addition, Squidpay also aims to provide the most affordable remittance service across SEA. By targeting the large population of migrant workers in Singapore and making it as easy as possible for these workers to send money back home to their families, Squidpay anticipates steady and strong growth.

Third Media

The company’s mission is to revamp authentication using our developed protocol AuthFA2 and to have an array of groundbreaking applications with AuthFA2. One of the major sectors we are targeting is giving content creators a service to livestream their content with 0 streaming charges.

The product aims to solve the problem of centralization in the creator economy. As of the current state, creators are heavily dependent on centralized platforms to serve their content. These platforms have the final control over the content, the monetization and the content-consumers. We aim to give back this control back to the creators via a platform which is powered by blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs.


Boom is a Web3 Social-Fi marketplace that combines consumer retail storefronts & products, cryptocurrency, and NFTs. Uniquely, on it screenshots or saving images aren’t possible – which brings back true digital scarcity, and unleashes the sky-high potential of NFTs. Its native features include Boom Bazaar (where brands can reward and connect with their community using NFTs), and Boom Social (token-gated private chat groups and communities).

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Carbonite Club

Carbonite Club is an on-chain anonymous identity builder. Users complete tasks, which are recorded on the blockchain as proof of competency in these skills as portfolio NFTs. Users learn and earn at the same time, and have access to a powerful analytics tool that empowers their efficient learning.


Asur creates the next generation of interactive NFTs, which aims to gamify and reward users for interacting with the Tezos ecosystem. With the integration of level-up smart contracts, actions (e.g. providing liquidity on a DEX) may trigger conditions to upgrade each NFT to a higher tier of rewards and utilities.


FindTruman is a top Web2 story-gameplay company creating a decentralized co-creation Web3 platform, aiming to disrupt the traditional gaming industry, ensuring creators receive what they deserve and incentivizing them to build better games for players. With a native content editor, players can be creators, spurring innovation on the platform.

Game Geeks

Game Geeks aims to transform the gaming industry by integrating it with Tezos blockchain technology. The vision is a decentralized gaming hub used by almost all games, from hypercasual games to classic gaming genres like First Person Shooters (FPS), Real Time Strategy (RTS), and Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs). An advanced gaming dashboard provides gamers with analytics and digital assets management, as well as a native asset marketplace.


MagicNFTy is a no-code community management tool, which allows influencers to easily harness blockchain technology. With MagicNFTy, content creators can easily create brand tokens, token-gate their content, and manage their communities. This provides a new level of control and transparency for content creators and ensures that they are fairly compensated for their work, and gives them full ownership over their content.

GENESY – “Something Rare”

GENESY is on a mission to democratize the art system by launching the first Open Platform for 1/1 Art Nfts on Tezos. With a strong belief that art should be accessible to all, GENESY provides artists and collectors the opportunity to mint and collect Rare Digital Art from the amazing community of the artists of the tezos ecosystem. Genesy will leverage an open curation model based on data and analytics. Armed with top-tier developer talent and being veterans in the Tezos NFT sphere, OPEN1 will set the stage for a true cultural revolution.


OWNLY is an artist launchpad and marketplace focused on single-edition non-generative NFT art. Artists can launch their own single-edition NFT artworks, sell them directly to collectors, and retain full control over their creative output. OWNLY will support artists by adding valuable utilities through the innovative applications of NFTs such as Augmented Reality, 3D versions, GameFi, and more. In addition, OWNLY allows artists to connect with collectors and build a following for their work.

PENTAS.IO is an inclusive NFT marketplace that seeks to empower content creators of heritage, cultural and traditional values through the digital preservation of assets. With a strong focus on community, education, a focuses on blockchain mass adoption, and promoting Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), offers a full suite that makes it popular amongst creators.


Acxyn is a DeFi start-up aiming to empower game developers with value such as novel cross-game compatible data and capital monetisation strategies. With a strong vision for the future of the gaming industry, Acxyn is committed to providing game developers with the tools they need to succeed in this bold move that could potentially revolutionize the US$312B gaming industry.

Circle of Games

Circle of Games is a player-driven Web3 gaming platform, where players can play, compete and earn through multiple fun games within the ecosystem. Built by a strong team of gaming industry veterans, COG’s philosophy is that gaming, whether Web2 or Web3, should be a fun and rewarding experience for all.

Quurk Studio

Quurk Studio is driving new advent of learner-oriented ReFi game economies in Web3, by building games that educate and reward learning outcomes whilst creating social impact with youths-at-risk. Built on the fundamentals of regenerative human capital by a team with years of experience in serious games, Quurk ReFi ecosystem advocates a sustainable economic model that goes beyond just rewards.

Xanadu by MinistryXR

With Xanadu, the metaverse represents freedom – for entertainers, artists, and creatives to work their magic unconstrained by any limits. Ministry XR brings the metaverse to the common man, accessible without barriers like VR goggles or massive programs to download.

Recently, Xanadu hosted Merdekaverse, the biggest Malaysian National Day festival in the metaverse, complete with a parade with Tunku Abdul Rahman and Sudirman. Stay tuned for continued events with a strong focus on the APAC region!

Quilt Chat

Quilt aims to create an interconnected Web3 by creating a decentralized, multi-chain social protocol and marketplace which enables seamless socialization across chains. This is the solution to the centralization of data and lack of privacy on Web2 platforms like Twitter, and the centralization of NFT marketplaces which goes against Web3 ethos.

Quilt’s social protocol will support the creator economy by allowing NFT creators the means to receive commissions, set NFT auctions, and much more from users without needing to use exchanges such as Opensea and Rarible. Quilt also supports Game-Fi, allowing their users to trade and socialise their Web3 Game Assets in-game.

Opusdei Money

Opusdei is building a DAO for collective cryptocurrency and NFT ownership and management. The team behind the protocol is experienced and has in-depth knowledge of the industry needed to identify challenges in the fast-growing segments of the market. With opusdei, people or services can maintain financial tools as digital assets and issue tokens on these assets. This allows for a wealthier community-governed money protocol with the aim of benefiting all members. Opusdei could potentially redefine what it means to invest in and manage digital assets, setting a new standard for the industry.

VChained by Votan Ventures

VChained aims to enable complete transparency by enabling traceability and authenticity by simply scanning a QR code.

VChained is a sustainable low-code and no-code solution for supply chain management and traceability built for mass adoption by any supply chain, irrespective of their industry. It lets you track products and carbon footprints throughout the product lifecycle with Blockchain.

With VChained, there is no need for migration. Instead of using the dashboard, you can directly integrate the solution with APIs or connect your IOT devices or simply clone our open-source library and host your own backend with customizations.


The rise of web3 brings further decentralization in the labor economy, ultimately empowering the freelance economy. Our platform is built for decentralized organizations to connect with individual problem solvers on a task-based scope. InterLace is positioned to be the go-to decentralized intermediary by providing on-chain reputation building, contributor onboarding, and “proof of work” payment transparency.


Animnapung mga founder, 22 na mga proyekto, at walongiba’t ibang mga bansa. Narito ang mga talentadong mga team na bumubuo sa real-world web3 solutions sa Cohort 1 ng incubator program.

Ang EGG Web 3 Incubator ng TZ APAC ay nagnanais na pangalagaan ang susunod na henerasyon ng Web3 entrepreneurs ng APAC. Nitong Welcome Day (September 14, 2022), 22 mga team na gumagawa ng iba’t ibang inobatibong proyekto ay nagsama-sama upang ipakilala ang kanilang sarili at pasimulan ang kanilang paglalakbay. Sila ay masugid na sinubaybayan ng mga mentor sa programang ito, lahat ay napapanahon at impluwensyal na personalidad sa Web3 na naglalayong makahanap ng may potensyal maging susunod na game-changing startup.

Kaya naman, ano na ang nagaganap sa ngayon? Ang lahat ng team ay masususing nagtatrabaho ngayon, ginagawa ang lahat ng kanilang makakaya – ang pagbuo. Sa ilalim ng mapagmatyag na mata ng aming mga mentor at kaalaman mula sa mga workshop at masterclass na kanilang inorganisa, ginagawa ng mga founder ang mga malikhaing ideya na maging mga real-world solutions. Ngayong dalawa pang buwan ang natitira bago ang Demo Day sa December 15, 2022, ang pananabik ay nararamdaman na –  anong mahika kaya ang maipapakita ng mga team sa araw na iyon?

Ang artikulong ito ay magdadala sa iyo sa 22 mga proyekto na nakaset para i-elevate ang Web3 ecosystem.

All Access Anonymous

Ang All Access Anonymous ay kumikilos ngayon upang asintahin ang kontrol na hawak ngayon ng mga ticketing giant sa experience economy, at nang maibigay pabalik sa mga artist, promoter, at fans ang equity na dapat para sa kanila. Ang mga creator (artists at festival promoters) at mga fan ay pwede na ngayon mag-interact sa isang bukas at patas na social economy, sa pamamagtian ng isang desentralisadong network na may DAO-based token at NFT economy.

Lumos Protocol

Gamit ang Lumos protocol, ang mga NFT asset ay madadala na ngayon sa next level ng utility. Pinahihintulutan tayo ng Lumos na i-load ang mga NFT ng kahit anong digital asset, na siya namang magiging child asset. Itinatampok nito ang cutting-edge mechanics para sa NFT tulad ng time-locked withdrawal ng mga child asset, programmabale na interes sa child asset, at marami pang iba. Pinahihintulutan nito ang mga kamangha-manghang use case para sa blockchain projects mula sa DeFi, Gaming, DAOs, at Creator Economy.

Teztrack ng Skolalabs

Ang Teztrack ay dinisenyo para maging iyong all-in-one portfolio tracker, social network at home base sa Tezos ecosystem. Ang kanilang Social-FI intehrated platform ay isang magandang synthesis ng convenience at community, kung saan ang mga user ay maaaring mag-explore sa mga bagong kaganapan sa Tezos NFT, DeFi, at gaming .


Ang Squidpay ay isang discount payment platform na kinukuha ang adbentahe ng economies of scale upang makapagbigay ng inventory nang maramihan mula sa mga merchant at ipasa sa mga saving patungo sa kanilang customers sa mas mababang presyo. Dagdag pa rito, ang Squidpay ay naglalayon ding magbigay ng pinaka-abot-kayang remittance service sa iba’t ibang panig ng SEA. Sa pamamagitan ng pag-target sa malalaking populasyon ng mga migrant worker sa Singapore at pagpapadali ng mga proseso para sa mga worker na ito na makapagpadala ng pera sa kanilang pamilya mula sa ibayong dagat, inaasahan ng Squidpay ang isang matatag at malakas na paglago. 


Ang AuthFA2 ay isang desentralisadong streaming platform na nagbabalik ng content at data ownership sa mga creator at sa community. Itinatampok nito ang token-gated access sa streams, direktang monetization mula sa mga fan, royalty income para sa mga streamer, at isang intuitive dashboard na may madaling maintindihang analytics at insights.


Ang Boom ay isang Web3 Social-Fi marketplace na pinagsasama ang consumer retail storefronts at products, cryptocurrency, at NFT. Dito, ang pag-screenshot o pag-save ng image ay hindi posible-kung saan naibabalik ang totoong digital scarcity, at nailalabas ang mataas na potential ng NFT. Ang kaniyang native features ay ang Boom Bazaar (kung saan ang mga brand ay pwedeng magbigay ng rewards at makipagkonekta sa kanilang community gamit ang NFT), at Boom Social (mga token-gated private chat group at communities).

Carbonite Club

Ang Carbonite Club ay isang on-chain anonymous identity builder. Ang mga user ay kukumpleto ng mga task, na siyang marerecord sa blockchain bilang proof of competency sa skills na ito bilang portfolio NFT. Ang mga user ay matututo at kikita nang sabay, at magkakaroon din ng access sa isang powerful analytics tool na magpapabuti sa kanilang pagkatuto.


Pinapanday ng Asur ang susunod na henerasyon ng interactive NFT, na siyang naglalayong gawing laro at bigyang rewards ang mga user para sa kanilang interaksyon sa Tezos ecosystem. Dahil sa integration ng level-up smartcontrats, ang mga aksyon (hal. Ang pagbibigay ng liquidity sa isang DEX) ay maaaring makapagtrigger sa mga kondisyon upang i-upgrade ang bawat NFT sa mas mataas na tier ng rewards at utility.


Ang FindTruman ay ang nangungunang Web2 story-gameplay company na bumubuo ng isang desentralisadong co-creation Web3 platform. Naglalayon itong guluhin ang tradisyunal na gaming industry, sa gayon ay masisiguradong ang mga creator ay makatatanggap ng anong dapat sa kanila at mabibigyan ng insentibo para sila ay makalikha ng mas magagandang laro para sa mga players. Gamit ang isang native content editor, ang mga player ay pwedeng maging mga creator, na siyang magpapausbong ng inobasyon sa platform.

Game Geeks

Ang Game Geeks ay naglalayong panibaguhin ang gaming industry sa pamamagitan ng pag-integrate nito kasama ang Tezos blockchain technology. Ang kanilang vision ay isang desentralisadong gaming hub na magagamit ng halos lahat ng laro, mula sa hypercasual games hanggang sa classic gaming genres tulad ng First Person Shooters (FPS), Real Time Strategy (RTS), at Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs). Ang isang advanced na gaming dashboard ay magbibigay sa mga gamer ng analytics at digital assets management, pati na rin ng isang native asset marketplace.

Magic NFTy

Ang MagicNFTy ay isang no-code community management tool na nagpapahintulot sa mga influencer na magamit ang blockchain technology nang hindi nahihirapan. Gamit ang MagicNFTy, ang mga content creator ay maaaring makalikha ng brand tokens, i-token-gate ang kanilang content, at i-manage ang kanilang community. Ito ay magbibigay ng isang bagong level ng control at transparency para sa mga content creator at magbibigay ng kasiguraduhan na sila’y maayos na mababayaran para sa kanilang gawa, at magbibigay rin ng karapatang mapagmay-arian ang kanilang content.


Ang OPEN1 ay may misyong  i-democritize ang digital art sa pamamagtian ng paglunsad sa kauna-unahang uncurated 1/1 Art NFT marketplace para sa Tezos. Dala ang matinding paniniwala na ang sining ay dapat maging bukas para sa lahat, ang OPEN1 ay nagbibigay sa iba’t ibang klase ng mga artist ng isang platform na kung saan pwede nilang i-showcase at ibenta ang kanilang likhang sining nang hindi na dumadaan sa mga gatekeepers tulad ng sa ibang mga curated na marketplace. Kasama ang maraming top-tier developer talent at beterano sa Tezos NFT spahre, ang OPEN1 ay handa nang manguna para sa isang tunay na cultural revolution.


Ang OWNLY ay isang artist launchpad at marketplace na nakapokus sa single-edition non-generative NFT art. Ang mga artist ay maaaring maglunsad ng kanilang sariling single-edition NFT artwork, ibenta ito nang direkta sa mga kolektor, at panatilihin ang isang buong kontrol sa kanilang creative output. Ang OWNLY ay susuporta sa mga artist sa pamamagitan ng pagdagdag sa valuable ulitities gamit ang mga innovative application ng NFT tulad ng Augmented Reality, 3D versions, GameFi, at marami pang iba. Dagdag pa rito, pinahihintulutan ng OWNLY ang mga artist na kumonekta sa mga collector at bumuo ng mga sumusunod para sa kanilang gawa.


Ang ay isang inclusive NFT marketplace na naglalayong palakasin ang content creators ng heritage, cultural at traditional values sa pamamagitan ng digital preservation ng mga asset. Dala ang malakas na pokus sa komunidad, edukasyon, sa blockchain mass adoption, at pag-promote sa Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), ang ay nag-aalok ng isang full suite na siyang nagbigay sa dito ng kasikatan sa mga creator.


Ang Acxyn ay isang DeFi start-up na naglalayong palakasin ang game developers nang may value tulad ng novel cross-game compatible data at capital monetisation strategies. Dala ang isang malakas na hangarin para sa hinaharap ng gaming industry, ang Acxyn ay nangangakong magbibigay sa mga game developer ng mga kasangkapan na kakailanganin nila upang sila ay magtagumpay sa isang malaking hakbang na ito na maaaring mag-revolutionize sa US$312B gaming industry.

Circle of Games

Ang Circle of Games ay isang player-driven Web3 gaming platform, kung saan ang mga player ay maaaring maglaro, makipaglaban at kumita sa pamamagitan ng iba’t ibang masasayng laro na nasa loob ng ecosystem. Gawa ng ng isang team ng mga gaming industry veteran, ang COG ay may pilosopiya na mapa-Web2 o Web3 pa man iyan, ang gaming ay dapat na makapagdulot ng saya at magandang karanasan para sa lahat.

Quurk Studio

Ang Quurk Studio ay sumusubok sa isang bagong advent ng learner-oriented ReFi game economies sa Web3 sa pamamagitan ng pagbuo ng mga laro na nagtuturo at nagre-reward sa learning outcomes habang lumilikha ng social impact sa mga kabataang nasa peligro. Gawa sa fundamentals ng regenerative human capital ng isang team na may taon-taong karanasan sa seryosong laro, ang ecosystem ng Quirk’s ay may adbokasiya para sa isang sustainable economic model na higit pa sa pagbibigay lamang ng reward.

Xanadu by MinistryXR

Gamit ang Xanadu, ang metaverse ay nagrerepresenta ng kalayaan – para sa mga enterainers, artists, creatives na makagawa ng sarili nilang mahika na hindi nahahadlangan ng anumang limitasyon. Dinadala ng Ministry XR ang metaverse sa mga karaniwang tao, accesible nang walang barrier tulad ng VR goggls o malalaking programa para mai-download.

Kamakailan, hinost ng Xanadu ang Merdekaverse, ang pinakamalaking Malaysian National Day festival sa metaverse, kumpleto ng isang parada kasama si Tunku Abdul Rahman at Sudirman. Antabayanan ang mga susunod pang mga event na nakapokus sa APAC region!

Quilt Chat

Nilalayon ng Quilt ang makalikha ng isang interkonektadong Web3 sa pamamagitan ng pagbuo ng isang desentralisado, multi-chain na social protocol at marketplace na magpapahintulot sa isang seamless na socialization sa iba’t ibang chain. Ito ang solusyon sa sentralisasyon ng data at kakulangan ng privacy sa Web2 platforms tulad ng Twitter, at ang sentraliasyon ng NFT marketplace na kaiba sa Web3 ethos.

Ang social protocol ang Quilt ay sususporta sa creator economy sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay pahintulot sa mga NFT creator na makatanggap ng komisyon, magset ng NFT auctions, at iba pang mula sa mga user nang hindi na kailangan pang gumamit ng exchange tulad ng Opensea at Rarible. Ang Quilt ay sumusuporta rin sa Game-Fi, na kung saan binibigyang pahintulot ang ang kanilang mga user na i-trade at i-socialize ang kanilang Web3 Game Assets in-game.

Opusdei Money

Ang Opusdei ay bumubuo ng isang DAO para sa collective cryptocurrency at NFT ownership at management. Ang team sa likod ng protocol ay may karanasan at may malaliman nang kaalaman sa industriya na kailangan para matuklasan ang mga hamon sa mabilis na lumalagong bahagi ng market. Gamit ang opusdei, ang mga tao o serbisyo ay maaaring makapag-maintain ng financial tools bilang digital assets at makpag-issue ng mga token sa mga asset na ito. Pinahihintulutan nito ang isang mas mayamang community-governed money protocol na may layuning bigyang benepisyo ang lahat ng kasapi. Maaaring mapanigbago ng Opusdei kung ano ang nais ipakahulugan ng pag-invest at pag-manage ng digital assets na siyang magseset sa isang bagong standard para sa indistruya.


Ang Vchained ay isang supply chian management platform, an nagbibigay pahintulot sa mga kompanya na hindi lang i-track at i-trace ang kanilang produkto, pati na rin ang kanilang carbon footprints sa kabuuan ng life cycle ng kanilang produkto. Gamit ang blockchain, nilalayon ng Vchained na payagan ang isang kumpletong transparency. Ang mga customer ay madali na lang maive-verify ang authenticity sa pamamagitan ng pag-scan sa isang QR code, nang hindi na gumagamit ng kahit anong application.

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