The 5 Metaverse Jobs – Web 3.0 Roles In Demand Right Now

From play-to-earn to NFTs, here are the most promising jobs in the metaverse right now.

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What can the Metaverse offer people nowadays? With technology evolving from 4G to 5G connectivity, office workers becoming remotely stationed, and cryptocurrency and blockchain gaming on its way to mass adoption, a lot of potential has opened for Filipinos in the Metaverse. Even “traditional” games, like Public Unknown Battleground (PUBG), are gradually being developed to adapt blockchain technology.

Here are just a few of the job opportunities related to the Metaverse. Students may see this as a career orientation as well if they want to pursue a career in Web3.

Software Engineers – Augmented Reality (AR) platforms

With the evolution of interaction of people on the internet, from chat services to the introduction of AR, tech and gaming companies are required to handle a lot of amounts of data and information that would extend well beyond the web searches. Companies like Amazon, Google and Meta would require software engineers with specialization in large-scale system design, networking and data storage, distributed computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), information retrieval, natural language processing (NLP), user interface design and others. These specialized engineers would be required to work on Android Native, Android Java, and other related programming software.

Google posted a job opening for a level 3 Software Engineer. Aspiring students and graduates can read the qualifications and descriptions on this website

Game Designers

To be a game designer for a company working in the Metaverse, one would be required to be at the forefront and massively indulge in prototyping, building, designing, and shipping virtual reality (VR) based and/or blockchain games. Thus, they would be required to design overall games while working with the Product, Design and Executive teams, provide real time feedback, and quickly resolve issues that can arise while the game is live or on beta testing.

Meta (Facebook) posted a job description for the game designer they need. There may be plans to incorporate gaming with the social media platform.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Strategists

Photo for the Article - The 5 Metaverse Jobs - Web 3.0 Roles In Demand Right Now

As an NFT strategist, one will be required to have deeper knowledge in blockchain technology, creating NFT concepts and programs to drive engagement from the end users. They would have to analyze industry trends to provide strategic insights and opportunities in protecting the intellectual property (IP) of the NFT creator/artist. They will have to formulate strategies to combine NFT concepts, gamification, tactical implementation, and designs to create engaging user experiences.

Unblocked or The NFT Company posted a job application for NFT strategist with job descriptions and qualifications. The post is related to a music related NFT project.

Blockchain Engineers

Blockchain engineers help in the implementation and creation of digital blockchain for businesses and enterprises. They work on blockchain platforms to design, implement, test, deploy, and manage software systems. They should possess good knowledge of programming tools and an understanding of decentralized ecosystems. They collaborate with software engineers and help them develop and deploy quality softwares.

Dapper Labs, who is the creator of CryptoKitties, is also looking for blockchain Engineers for their project, Flow

Product Managers

Product managers would be responsible for product marketing of social experiences in Virtual Reality, enhancing the remote presence and expanding the human connections. They will be relatively involved in the inbound phase of product marketing and strategy, informing the outbound marketing with internal partners. Their main focus would be understanding users’ perspective, gathering reasonable feedback, and seizing the right opportunities to build relevance to the market.

Rarible, a notable NFT marketplace, is also looking for a Marketing Product Manager. They have posted the descriptions and qualifications for aspirants to check out.

There are a lot of opportunities out there and the technology is still young. It could be best for the young generation to be knowledgeable of blockchain technology and programming softwares to be able to work on these exciting roles.

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