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Tiktok Rides NFT Wave, to Release First Creator-led NFT Collection

Photo for the Article - Tiktok Rides NFT Wave, to Release First Creator-led NFT Collection

By Shiela Bertillo

Tiktok, a fast growing social media video platform, announced today that it’ll be releasing its own line of non fungible tokens (NFT) under Immutable X, in partnership with selected creators, celebrities, and online entities like Lil Nas X, Bella Poarch, and Grimes. 

The collection Tiktok Top Moments, which will roll out through October on Ethereum, will feature six TikTok videos as one-of-a-kind NFTs and a series of limited-edition NFTs inspired by “cultural moments” from the short-form video platform. 

“TikTok Top Moments features a selection of six culturally-significant TikTok videos from some of the most beloved creators on the platform. These featured creators, renowned for their cultural impact, have partnered with prominent NFT artists on one-of-one and limited edition NFTs that will include real-world redeemable value provided by the creator.”

According to Tiktok, the sale of the NFTs will benefit the creators involved, with the proceeds ‘largely’ going directly to the creators. While the rest will go to Immutable X, which handles NFT trading for the set, and the Museum of the Moving Image, which will be hosting a TikTok exhibit displaying the collection beginning on Oct. 1 through Nov. 5. Moreover, TikTok says it will not take any proceeds from sales, and states that the weekly drops of limited edition NFTs will “be sold at accessible price points to ensure each creator’s audience can own a piece of their history.”

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Musician Lil Nas X is up first collaboration with artist Rudy Willingham on October 6th, while Grimes is collaborating with Brittany Broski also known as Kombucha Girl, and separately with Bella Poarch. 

Other creators releasing TikTok NFTs are Curtis Roach, FNMeka, Jess Marciante and Gary Vaynerchuk, who are partnering with NFT artists including Coin Artist, x0r, and  RTFKT.

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