Web3 Games Collective Alliance Formed to Boost Mass Adoption of Blockchain Gaming

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

  • Web3 Games Collective (W3GC) launched to drive the adoption of high-quality blockchain games by leveraging the expertise and resources of Yield Guild Games, Game7, Magic Eden, and Fenix Games.
  • W3GC aims to simplify the landscape, grow the ecosystem for mass adoption, and mitigate risks for investors, developers, and ecosystem partners by fostering the growth of quality web3 games.
  • W3GC invites additional partners to join the group to find and scale blockchain’s first mega-hits and contribute to the success of games that will become pioneers in the space. 

A new industry group called Web3 Games Collective (W3GC) has been officially announced at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) in the United States. The group is founded by web3 gaming guild Yield Guild Games (YGG), web3 gaming institution Game7, NFT marketplace Magic Eden, and web3 games publisher Fenix Games, and is aiming to drive web3 game adoption growth. 

Advancing the web3 gaming ecosystem

W3GC said its main focus is to make sure the current and next iteration of high quality web3 games get discovered by the gaming audience through better distribution methods while ensuring their sustainable growth. 

To achieve this, the W3GC has plotted its plans to leverage its combined expertise and resources:

  • Game7 has been supporting the sector through project financing to inspire innovation and empower teams to build.
  • YGG is a pioneer in redefining games communities for web3 and bootstrapping player liquidity. 
  • Magic Eden’s game focused marketplace provides a destination and launchpad for players to discover new content.
  • And Fenix Games brings deep expertise in game publishing to help game teams de-risk their go to market for their games.

W3GC is also inviting additional partners to be part of the group. Those who are interested can visit: www.web3gc.org

Steven Chen, core contributor at Game7, emphasized the need to bring more quality games and intellectual property (IP) into the web3 gaming sector to drive it forward, a notion that has been observed in the PC, console, and mobile gaming industries. 

Tackling the challenge of web3 game adoption

There are 3 billion gamers in the world, and video games continue to be the largest entertainment industry, dwarfing ‌revenue from books, film, TV, and music. However, according to Dappradar, there are only one million unique active wallets interacting with blockchain games. If each unique wallet signifies one user, then there’s a lot of work to be done.

This is emphasized by Gabby Dizon, co-founder of YGG, who mentioned that onboarding remains too complex when compared to mature platforms like the Xbox or Apple App Store. 

“Working with a DAO like Game7 and a game publisher like Fenix Games enables YGG to address the industry’s challenges by simplifying the landscape and growing the ecosystem for mass adoption,” Dizon explained.

Zooming Out

There’s definitely a lot to do before mass adoption can be achieved in blockchain games. 

For example, perhaps blockchain’s most important contribution to gaming would be digital asset ownership, which means the player completely owns an asset in the game, allowing them to do whatever they want with it. But ‌a study conducted by Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) published early this year revealed that “digital asset ownership” will not drive web3 game adoption. 

Another issue to address is the criticism that blockchain games are not fun; where “having fun in games” is a very important aspect for games to succeed, as per the respondents in the BGA survey.

This is where W3GC could come in. 

How W3GC will support the growth of quality web3 games

The members promised they would work together to achieve the following: 

  • Foster the growth of quality web3 games; and
  • Mitigate risks for investors, developers, and ecosystem partners.

Rudy Koch, the co-founder of Fenix games, said one important milestone is to help find and scale blockchain’s first mega-hits, drawing similarities to how Clash of Clans contributed greatly to the growth of mobile gaming adoption, adding that they are “looking for top tier game developers who are interested in Web3.” 

Meanwhile, Chris Akhavan, Chief Gaming Officer at Magic Eden, hinted that the alliance collectively has a firm belief in the potential of web3 to create opportunities for game developers, gamers, and content creators. 

However, he also admitted that there is still a lot to do in the web3 gaming industry. This is where Akhavan assured that W3GC can fuel the success of game companies that will become pioneers in the space:

“We are excited to contribute to the success of games that come from the W3GC alliance by leveraging our Launchpad, marketplace, and marketing channels to help the best web3 games in the space become impactful hits.”

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