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Web3PH Summit 2022 to Debut First Edition of Community-Run, Web3-Related Events

Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

Filipino-led blockchain community Web3 PH is set to spearhead an event on October 28 to 29, 2022, the Web3PH Summit 2022, its first edition of community-run, web3-related events at Draper Startup House in Makati City, Philippines. 

The two-day hybrid event looks forward to bringing together web3 industry experts, builders, artists, and entrepreneurs.

The summit, moreover, is expected to feature sessions about how different brands and organizations are already disrupting industries with their projects in web3, with the speakers including Luis Buenaventura II, Founder of Cryptopop Art Guild (CPAG) and Country Manager for the PH Yield Guild Games (YGG); Patrick Lao, Head of Metaverse at PDAX; Chezka Gonzales, Founder of Women of Substance; and other local experts in the blockchain space.

“The Web3PH Summit is on a mission to push the country forward by empowering the next generation of web3 builders. Offering practical, hands-on, and insightful sessions, the summit is set to provide its attendees with information and learnings that would enable them to build their own projects and find their tribes in web3,” the organizers said in a statement.

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In addition, Web3 PH highlighted that the global emergence of web3 represents “one of the most important moments in technology in recent memory–arguably as important as when people started using the internet.”

The organizers added that the Web3PH Summit will highlight the reasons why the web3 movement will be a pivotal part of history in the country and how projects in this space will disrupt and change Philippine businesses, governments, and institutions.

“The Web3PH Summit is an event for the community, by the community. The entire team is excited to bring everyone together and further foster the vibrance of our local web3 space,” said Christopher Star, one of the main organizers of the summit.

The summit is co-presented by Playground Zero and sponsored by Philippine Web3 Festival, F(DEV), Delysium, and Draper Startup House.

“Playgroundzero is a firm believer in the future of Web3 and looks to support its adoption in the Philippines by offering new opportunities for gamers, guilds, and game studios to connect, build and earn together,” Janze de Guzman, Playgroundzero Co-Founder & CEO, stated.

Founder of Draper Startup House Manila Cristian Munoz also expressed his views on the upcoming event noting that “as part of our global mission to enable 1 million entrepreneurs, we are excited to support Web3PH in bringing the community together and connect on how to shape the future of decentralized economies & ownership for the entrepreneurs, early adopters, and builders in Web3.”

Moreover, the Web3PH Summit also has the support of other local web3 entities as their community partners such as PDAX, Moneybees, DEVCON, The Mega Maxi, Crypto Pinas, Filipinas NFT, Tetrix, FHMOMS,, Social Media Marketing Philippines, Startup Academy, and SWAG by Qwote.

“We’re so glad to finally see the Web3 community have an opportunity to meet and learn from each other. This is the future of tech and we are at the starting block. Open innovation is key in accelerating growth in the country’s digital economy and we, as venture builders, want to make sure that we do our part in ensuring our creators, startup entrepreneurs, and the local Web3 landscape feel supported,” shared Xavier Marzan, the CEO & Managing Director of F(DEV), one of the community’s biggest supporters.

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