Bayad and Peppermint Innovation Relaunches Partnership, To Boost Bill Payment Sevices of Bizmoto App

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

  • Bayad, a payment collection system, has relaunched its partnership with Peppermint Innovation, an Australian fintech firm.
  • The partnership will boost Peppermint Innovation’s bill payment services through the Bizmoto mobile app, which allows users and accredited agents to make one-stop-shop bill payments for a variety of services.
  • The partnership is expected to result in increased system integration and the ability for Peppermint Innovation to issue Visa or prepaid Visa cards linked to Bizmoto wallets, enabling recipients to make regular online transactions.

To further improve their services and provide innovative, convenient, and easy-to-use payment technology platforms, outsourced payment collection system Bayad recently announced the relaunch of its partnership with Australia-based fintech enterprise Peppermint Innovation. With their reforged collaboration, Bayad promised to continue to boost the bill payment services of Peppermint Innovation through its mobile application, Bizmoto. 

According to the two firms’ joint statement, the Bizmoto App can be accessed by both direct users and accredited agents, who will enable a one-stop-shop bill payment solution in their respective communities. The application currently accepts payments for electric and water utilities, cable and internet, government contributions, loan payments, credit cards, school tuition fees, online shopping, insurance, and many others.

“Through our strengthened partnership with Bayad, we are able to further deliver on our commitment of amplifying digital financial inclusion in the Philippines.  We are thrilled to see the heights that we are yet to reach as we share the same commitment with Bayad in bringing convenient and reliable financial services to more Filipinos,” said Peppermint Innovation Managing Director and CEO Christopher Kain in a statement.

Following their recalibrated cooperation, the two firms are expected to provide more robust system integration. They also noted that they look forward to the increased number of billers within the Bizmoto app and, at the same time, processing real-time and seamless payment transactions.

Moreover, Peppermint added that it will also soon be able to issue a Visa or pre-paid Visa card directly linked to a Bizmoto wallet, thereby empowering recipients to make regular e-commerce and online transactions.

“Bayad’s endorsement of our Bizmoto App as an ‘easy, go-to, 24/7 access platform’ reflects Peppermint’s objective of being a convenient and easy-to-use bill payment facilitator for Filipinos,” Kain added.

As a result, Bayad President and CEO Lawrence Ferrer expressed his enthusiasm for their relaunched partnership:

“We are one with Peppermint Innovation in enabling convenient and reliable financial products and services. We will further intensify our partnership as we scale up our real-time bill payment services in the Bizmoto App. Ultimately, all our efforts in Bayad are anchored on our mission of providing quality of life by bridging people and businesses as we help accelerate the country’s economic recovery.”

Previously, Bayad signed a partnership agreement with fintech firm SquidPay Technology Inc. last year. Their collaboration aimed to enhance its bill payment capability and “provide more convenience” to SquidPay mobile app users. (Read more: BSP-licensed E-wallet SquidPay Partners with Bayad)

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