CoinEx Emphasizes Financial Leadership at 15th National Finance Summit

With over 1,500 attendees from various universities, the event offered insights for navigating the evolving financial landscape.

Photo for the Article - CoinEx Emphasizes Financial Leadership at 15th National Finance Summit

Cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx recently sponsored the 15th National Finance Summit in Pasay City. The exchange noted that the initiative aims to reinforce its commitment to fostering future financial leaders

CoinEx at the 15th National Finance Summit

According to a media release, the event attracted over 1,500 participants from various universities.

At the summit, CoinEx provided giveaways, including $200 USDT and various merchandise, to all visitors at their booth, offering them a chance to learn and receive tangible rewards.

Hosted by the Junior Confederation of Finance Associations Philippines (JCFAP), the summit aimed to strengthen its position as a leading networking and knowledge-sharing platform in the financial sector. Themed “Roadmap to Sustainability: Digital Financial Solutions for the Next Generations,” it offered insights into navigating the evolving finance landscape, blending traditional principles with modern innovations.

“The 15th National Finance Summit, sponsored by CoinEx, was a resounding success, filled with learning, networking, and inspiration. As the financial landscape continues to evolve in the digital age, initiatives like these play a pivotal role in empowering the next generation of finance professionals in the Philippines and beyond.” 


CoinEx also stressed its dedication to promoting financial literacy and innovation, highlighting its commitment to “shaping a brighter future for the global financial community.”

Event Speakers

Photo for the Article - CoinEx Emphasizes Financial Leadership at 15th National Finance Summit

The event featured a lineup of distinguished speakers, each a luminary in finance, covering topics like financial trends, regulations, investments, cryptocurrency, and more.

At the summit, notable figures such as Atty. Javey Paul D. Francisco, Commissioner at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Philippines, and Atty. Geronimo Sy, Undersecretary of the Department of Justice (DOJ), shared their expertise on the legal frameworks influencing the financial landscape.

Finance and Management Sector:

Henry Ong, CFMP, Director of the Institute of Finance and Management UK Philippines Chapter, offered insights into finance and management practices. Marc Kristian F. Gulle, CEO and Co-Founder of FedCenter Management Consulting, contributed his expertise in management consulting.

Business and Entrepreneurship Sector:

James Hartland, Founder of the Astra Group and the International Biz Expat Forum, shared insights into business strategies and entrepreneurship. 

Paul Abello, CTA (Miranda Miner), CEO and Co-Founder of GMMG and Executive Director of IMPACT, contributed valuable perspectives on business development and impact-driven entrepreneurship.

Financial Services Sector:

Francisco Mauricio, MBA, President and CEO of WeFund Lending Corporation, shared insights into financial services and lending practices. Rex Mendoza, Chairman of Rampver Financials, discussed financial planning and wealth management.

Marketing and Trading Sector:

FQ Farnacio, CTA, President of Ignite Marketing Resources Inc. and Founder of Vertex Trading, offered insights into marketing strategies and trading practices.

Previous CoinEx Initiative

In February, CoinEx sponsored a Career Expo at Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) – San Juan Campus. Attended by hundreds of fourth-year students and notable banking institutions, the expo provided internship opportunities facilitated by CoinEx and other sponsors such as J.P. Morgan and Landbank of the Philippines.

CoinEx offered incentives for attendees, including a ₱10,000 raffle prize for those who registered during the event. Furthermore, CoinEx’s Global Partner, Dell, presented on the platform’s ecosystem, highlighting potential career opportunities within the cryptocurrency industry.

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