Digital Pilipinas’ Amor Maclang Bags First-Ever ASEAN Fintech Leader Award

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Editing and Additional Reporting by Nathaniel Cajuday

By Hans Doringo

As an appreciation for her role in building solid cross-border collaborations across the region, Cristina Amor Maclang, the convenor of Digital Pilipinas and Philippine Fintech Festival, received the ASEAN Fintech Leader award at the Singapore Fintech Festival, the first-ever Filipino to receive the said award.

Held last November 2 to 4, 2022, the award, which is presented by The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA), and The Association of Banks in Singapore, as supported by PwC Singapore, is part of the SFF Global Fintech Awards given as an accolade to individuals and organizations who have parted invaluable contributions to the development of the global fintech industry. 

“The recognition was given to individuals (that) have demonstrated strong potential to tackle real-world problems, while allowing the financial sector to harness the tremendous benefits of new technologies in their journey towards a greener digital future,” according to Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief FinTech Officer, MAS. 

Maclang, who is also the Executive Director and Trustee of the Fintech Philippine Association, confirmed the recognition awarded to her through a Facebook post, giving a shout-out to the individuals who helped her in being a fintech advocate in the country:

“Fintech is the one pillar that can make our digital economy even more Antifragile, not just resilient. This award is a symbol not just of a global interest in the promise of a Digital Pilipinas but moreover in a one Digital ASEAN.  After all, the biggest Fintech in the world is not one company, but ASEAN. I share this with all the incredible Fintech leaders across the region who are tirelessly working together,” Maclang said. (Read more: Digital Pilipinas Movement Launched)

LOUD AND PROUD. Amor Maclang is the first Filipino to receive the ASEAN Fintech Leader award. 

“Apart from her contributions to the Fintech industry in the region, Maclang has also spurred and created platforms for FinTech to flourish in the country through her role as the Convenor of The Philippine Fintech Festival, The One ASEAN Fintech Movement and the Philippine representative to the ASEAN Blockchain Consortium,” Digital Pilipinas said in a statement, adding that the group’s convenor has led cross-functional and cross-border collaborations among line agencies, industry leaders, academes, policymakers, and various stakeholders both from the private and public sectors not just in the country but also in ASEAN. 

Recently, Maclang, as the World FinTech Festival-Philippines (WFF-PH) convenor, has played a crucial role in gathering local and foreign industry and tech leaders for a week of festivities, discussions, and workshops during the Digital Pilipinas Festival (DPS). (Read more: Philippine Fintech Festival Highlights Need for Cross-Border). 

Along with Maclang, Atome Financial’s David Chen, VSure Group’s Eddy Wong, BigPay’s Salim Dhanani, and Western Union’s Sohini Rajola complete the rosters of recipients of the ASEAN FIntech Leader Awards.

PRESTIGIOUS. The list of winners on the recently concluded SFF Global Fintech Award.

“The recognitions celebrate the said individuals who are making a positive impact on the FinTech ecosystem and, at the same time, encourage and foster a culture of continued innovation within the FinTech sector,” Shadab Taiyabi, President of the Singapore FinTech Association, concluded.

The theme for this year’s awards is “Embracing Digital, Charting the New Normal” in acknowledgement of the accelerated pace of digitalization in businesses over the last two years. The winners were chosen by an international panel comprising industry experts across multiple domains and were judged based on the criteria of impact, innovation, and contribution to the FinTech ecosystem.

To learn more about the complete list of awardees, click here

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