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July 27, 2018 Updated

ICO Alert: To cut the middleman, this platform wants to use the blockchain’s transparency to connect retailers and customers.

Bitpinas. There was a “Discount Coupon Rush” in the Philippines way back. Retailers offer discount coupons for customers on these daily deal platforms. It was a win for customers. However, some thought there were no actual repeat customers for the retailers that participated, even if they try pushing for higher discounts.

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NAU is a platform that aims to connect customers and retailers through special offers, and directly using the blockchain technology. If it’s in the blockchain, everything will be transparent. Both parties will also eliminate middleman fees. NAU claims the following benefits with their platform

  • Customers save money when they redeem special offers.
  • Customers make a profit when they invite users to join the platform.
  • Retailers get leads and sales.
  • Retailers have no need to pay a middleman that cuts high fees.

Use Case Scenario

As you can see, there’s a give back to the user who has invited the redeeming customer. This will encourage sharing of the offer, which will then translate to more sales for the advertiser (retailer).

Business Model

Why use the blockchain?

This is not just for cutting the middlemen, which then translate to more revenue. In NAU’s 3-pager, it claimed what may be the biggest plus of the blockchain – transparency.

Everyone can check the amount of tokens paid by the advertiser for each sale and make sure the affiliate has received 95% of this amount.

This approach, according to the company, guarantees that there will be no hidden token emission from the system besides what’s in the token sale. Additionally, the blockchain is safe and secure, in addition to being transparent, with no single point of failure.

NAU Roadmap

Below is the company’s roadmap – its plans on moving forward before and after the ICO. In addition to the 5 countries where it will launch, it plans to gain a foothold in more countries by 2018.


NAU plans to operate in 5 countries initially:

  • Philippines
  • Colombia
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Ukraine

I recently spoke with their staff and they confirmed that they already have an office in the Philippines. By 2019, its aim is to have already launched in more than 10 countries. This will depend on the token sale results.

How to join the NAU ICO?

  1. Go to NAU’s homepage here:
  2. Click “Join Now”
  3. It will ask for your email and then a password
  4. You will then be redirected to a profile page where you can buy NAU coins.

NAU Philippines, what can I use to buy NAU tokens?

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum


The theory is that daily deal sites will be the platform that introduces retailers (products) to potential customers by offering discounts. All that, in hopes of making these customers repeat sale using normal channels (like booking a hotel for the 2nd time but with the standard rate, not the discounted one). However, some argued repeat customers do not happen. Retailers get pushed for higher discounts but no apparent repeat sales from previous buyers.

NAU’s platform presents an opportunity for retailers to offer their promotions directly. Additionally, users take part by introducing the deals to friends, which will net them some chargeback rewards. It is a good idea and might certainly be a contender against established deals websites in the future.

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