Blockchain Consultant

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Generate Labs
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Blockchain Consultant

At Generate Labs, we believe that we are approaching the end of the Web 2.0 era and the birth of the Web 3.0 era. Our mission is to build, create, and generate. Building for the metaverse, Creating for the digital economy, and Generating for the Web 3.0 space.

About the role: For talented Blockchain Consultants having hands-on experience in Ethereum and other major blockchains, You will be responsible for designing, implementing, and supporting smart contracts and related security .

Job Description: Your primary responsibility will be analysing requirements, designing and implementing smart contract logic around different business models, as well as building and launching new features on multiple blockchain networks.

Work Set-up: Remote

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum 1 years experience writing Smart Contracts.
  • Experience writing gas-optimised solidity smart contracts with provided business logic.
  • Experience with Ethereum development frameworks such as Truffle, Hardhat, and Ganache local blockchain.
  • Experience with token standards such as ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, etc.
  • Conceptual understanding of Metaverse, ICO, IEO, IGO, and INO/ IMO Experience or good understanding with Ethereum Layer2 solution and deployment of smart contracts on major blockchains such as BSC, Polygon. Knowledge of Solana will be an added advantage.
  • Good understanding of NFT platforms like Opensea and Rarible with the ability to build such platforms and marketplace.
  • Good understanding of Defi tokens, launchpads, and automated market markers(AMMs)such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, and Pancakeswap, etc.
  • Good understanding of liquidity, yield farming, token staking, and APY calculations.
  • Collaborate with team members to build solutions based on scalable and reusable design patterns
  • Research and innovate for next-generation architectures

Minimum Qualifications

You have worked with a founding team building a blockchain, are an expert in decentralized solutions, and are passionate about building a new decentralized internet.


  • Expert knowledge of peer-to-peer distributed system design and implementation, including familiarity with state-of-the-art academic literature on the subject and practical knowledge on engineering successful peer-to-peer systems.
  • Experience in the low-level implementation and protocol details of a widely-deployed public blockchain
  • Strong background in security-oriented system design, with a focus on applied cryptography
  • Must be able to identify and defend against plausible protocol-level and network-level attacks on the system.
  • Strong programming skills and familiarity with programming languages and technologies in use with our technologies (i.e. Python 2, Linux, Bitcoin on our backend, and Javascript on our frontend).
  • Experience deploying Bitcoin infrastructure, like UTXO providers and block explorers

Qualities + Traits

  • Passion for building the new internet for decentralized apps
  • Strong problem solving skills, ability to think fast and thoroughly
  • Excellent communication


  • Expertise in Gaming Website and Software Applications
  • Passionate in Gaming and Anime Culture

Desired Skills and Experience

Ruby on Rails, EmberJS, Java, JavaScript, Python, Linux Server, Linux


  • Upload and or post content created on different social media platforms, observe performance and analytics of every post.
  • Work closely alongside the web and graphic department to create copywriting materials for our message to be concise and understandable no matter what platform.


  • Proficiency when it comes to graphic design, able to work with design programs such as: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, and etc.
  • Excellent in communication as well as multitasking.
  • Exceptional writing and research skills.
  • Has social media or content marketing experience.

Company: Generate Labs

Hiring Organization: Generate Labs Studio

Salary: TBD

Location: Quezon City

Street Address: TBD

Locality: Quezon City

Region: disclosed when applied

Postal code: disclosed when applied