Crypto Jobs Philippines | Get a Job in Web3, NFT, GameFi, and DeFi

Web3, NFT, DeFi, and Cryptocurrency-related jobs are on the rise.

Web 3 and NFT are the fastest emerging job section, and many are looking in the Philippines for them. The website lists the following projects posted related to these emerging industries:

List of Available Crypto and Web3 Jobs in the Philippines:

Why are crypto-related jobs hot right now?

Crypto jobs did not become popular just out of nowhere. In fact, this can actually be tied to the perceived increased value gained when you invest or hold crypto (during bull markets, of course). Additionally, numerous press reports about its price surge, along with recognition from the financial sector, certainly invite professionals to consider entering the crypto and web industry.

Crypto and Web Jobs Philippines

Holding a job in a cryptocurrency company does not mean that one must be an engineer. Numerous and different kinds of talent are needed by a company that deals with blockchain technology. You can be the writer who writes and edits the company’s press releases. You can be the person whose mission is to make sure your company’s website is without security holes. Above is a list of jobs we found on external sites and partners which you might find interesting.