Gas Hero Game Overview: Beginners’ Guide

Learn about the post-apocalyptic world of Gas Hero, a Web3 social strategy game by FindSatoshi Lab.

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  • FindSatoshi Lab, developers of te web3 game Stepn, released Gas Hero, a social strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world of 2084. 
  • Gas Hero’s public beta launched on January 3, 2024, featuring a dynamic ecosystem where players navigate through clans, guilds, districts, and cities.
  • Gas Hero UGC Contest encourages players to showcase gameplay for a chance to win prizes like Genesis Heroes and Base Construction Vehicles. The contest deadline is February 3, 2024, at 3 pm UTC.

FindSatoshi Lab, the developers of the move-to-earn game Stepn, have a new game called Gas Hero, a strategy and social game. The game is set in a dynamic virtual universe where players traverse clans, guilds, districts, and cities, engaging in “Co-opetition”—a unique blend of competition and cooperation.

The game’s public beta was launched on January 3, 2024.

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Gas Hero UGC Contest

In celebration of the game’s launch, the developers initiated the Gas Hero UGC Contest, which allows players to showcase their gameplay in a content creation contest with the chance to win.

The prizes include 7 Genesis Heroes, 50 Base Construction Vehicles, and 100 Common DNA Fragments.

Visit the website here:

To participate, follow Gas Hero on all platforms, create content that highlights your gameplay and strategies, and share it on social media with the hashtags @GasHeroOfficial, #GasHero, and #PlayingGasHero.

What is Gas Hero?

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world in the year 2084, where humanity is on the brink of extinction due to AI. Players are tasked with guiding their Gas Heroes through this world, building virtual bases, and battling other players. 

Gas Hero is presented by its developers as a pioneering Web3 social strategy game that promises a distinctive gaming experience by combining power, glory, and wealth in a dynamic virtual universe structured like a branching tree.

The game emphasizes “Co-opetition,” a blend of competition and cooperation, as players navigate from clans to guilds, districts, and cities. According to FSL, Gas Hero transcends traditional gaming by integrating complex strategy and game theory principles, featuring hero non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with varying lifespans and rarities. It fosters a dynamic ecosystem of alliances and strategies, and its energy mechanics add depth to gameplay. 

How to start playing Gas Hero?

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Setting up Account

Step 1: Access

Step 2: Register account with email address and verify it using a One Time Password.

Step 3: Create or link crypto wallet. (Note: When signing up, users will create an FSL wallet. To use MOOAR Marketplace, they will need to add this seed phrase to a MetaMask or Phantom wallet.)

Step 4: Set up two-step verification.

Step 5: Set up a password and Back up private key.

Gas Hero Game Tutorial

GAS HERO | First play

After registration, players will be provided with four free heroes to assist them in breaking through the AI blockade tutorial and eventually reaching the surface to play. Each free hero is equipped with one weapon and one pet. The developers noted that these heroes have a limited lifespan, so caution should be exercised when equipping them with high-value pet and weapon assets.

Upon entering the game, players need to find an unoccupied base for settlement. To build the base, a Base Construction Vehicle (BCV) is required, which can be purchased through MOOAR – the web3 NFT marketplace and launchpad developed by Find Satoshi Lab. 

If uncertain about the location, players can let the game system choose a random spot. However, in case of dissatisfaction with the initial choice, relocating to a different base is possible, but it requires a Container.

Accordingly, to engage in Adventures, players must arrange their heroes in a lineup, choosing from 48 codenames. Each lineup can only have one codename at a time. Further, players must be aware that exposure to radiation during this process activates the heroes’ lifespan.

Hero TypeLifespan
Common Hero20 days
Uncommon Hero30 days
Rare Hero40 days
Epic Hero50 days
Legendary Hero60 days
GenesisLives forever

World Map

The game world map consists of 175 cities, each containing 2 districts. The number of districts expands with population growth. In each district, there are 9 guilds, and within each guild, there are 9 clans. 

The game features specific areas such as Power Can Mine where players can obtain Power Can. The Zoo allows players to obtain pet fragments, while Battlefield Sites provide opportunities to obtain weapon fragments. The Living Area is where players can obtain pet evolution, and the AI Factory offers the chance to obtain hero potions.

Photo for the Article - Gas Hero Game Overview: Beginners’ Guide


The game is exclusively available on the Polygon PoS blockchain. The game’s economy is being fueled by the GMT token, which is the governance token of FSL and has a hard cap of 6 billion.

Polygon NFT Surge

According to a report by Dailycon, Polygon’s (MATIC) NFT ecosystem has made a strong start in 2024 as for the first time, the NFT sales volume on Polygon has surpassed that of Ethereum, reaching over $10.25 million in a 24-hour period. The achievement was attributed to the launch of Gas Hero.

The report highlighted that Gas Hero’s NFT collections ranked prominently in sales volume across all blockchains, contributing to over 80% of Polygon’s NFT sales within the period. 

The deadline for submissions is 3 pm UTC on 3rd February 2024.

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