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Guild of Guardians Guide: How to Play and Earn

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Guild of Guardians, now available on the App Store and Google Play Store, lets players assemble a team of Guardians to complete dungeons with various stages and challenges. As players level up and complete dungeons and quests, they receive rewards that can make their Guardians more powerful. Other game modes also provide rewards upon completion. 

Download Guild of Guardians here:

Playing Guild of Guardians is accessible to both experienced players and beginners. The game has familiar features and a comprehensive introductory guide to help new players get started. In this article, we explore tips and tricks to help you enjoy everything Guild of Guardians offers, regardless of whether you use the game’s blockchain features or not.

Complete Daily Quests and Take Advantage of Free Items

Photo for the Article - Guild of Guardians Guide: How to Play and Earn
Photo for the Article - Guild of Guardians Guide: How to Play and Earn

When you log in everyday, Guild of Guardians gives you daily rewards which can be in the form of items or even a free Guardian. The first free Guardian, which you can get on the 7th straight day of claiming, was the 5-star Grisell. 

Daily quests are naturally completed as you clear or repeat dungeons and stages. This makes it possible to claim all gifts from Daily Rewards and Daily Quests every day. Additionally, the Shop section offers free items: one Summoning Stone and one Daily Bonus Chest, plus a Weekly Bonus Chest available every seven days.

You can Reset Guardians 

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You need ingredients/items to level up a Guardian. But what if you just summoned a 5-star Guardian and you lack the ingredients to level it up? This will be problematic, for example, if most of your main Guardians are at level 30 and above. While you can farm items by clearing dungeons again, this takes time and energy.

What you can instead do is reset another Guardian. This option is available on the Guardian’s INFO page. Simply click reset and all the items you used to level it up will be returned to you. This allows you to level up a different Guardian and try new strategies without losing valuable resources.

This feature is particularly useful as you progress to more challenging dungeons. 

Increase Guardians Power Via Enlightenment

While equipment and leveling up can make Guardians stronger, combining them to increase their star rank will make them more powerful. This process is called “Enlighten”, displayed below: 

Photo for the Article - Guild of Guardians Guide: How to Play and Earn

For Grisell above, you need a duplicate of the Guardian, and you “sacrifice” that copy so you can “enlighten” or increase her Star Rank to 6. 

Note that you don’t always just need a duplicate, in succeeding “enlightenments” you might need other items or complete other activities, which the game will tell you how to acquire or do. 

Guild of Guardians Enlightenment Table

Below is exactly how many times a Guardian can be enlightened, the duplicates required for sacrifice, and other items required to enlighten them. Data is accurate as of May 28, 2024.

RarityEnlightenmentAdditional Duplicate(s) RequiredTotal Duplicates RequiredAdditional Faction Souls RequiredTotal Faction Souls RequiredFaction Soul Salvage
Common3 (Max)230012
Rare5 (Max)2660100170
Epic10 (Max)273,0007,6008,400
Legendary15 (Max)2920,00093,00098,000

Ascension: How Does the NFT Aspect of Guild of Guardians Work?

Ascension converts your Guardian into an NFT, turning them into a “Radiant Guardian.” This not only makes them more powerful but also tradeable in the market, a significant blockchain feature of Guild of Guardians.

“Radiance” is the power up that will be obtained by the Guardian once they ascend. 

How to Ascend Guardians (How to Turn Guardians into NFTs)

You need “Ascension Seals,” available in Leaderboards. This makes NFT Guardians extremely rare, as players must compete to obtain these seals.

Here are the points to remembers:

  • Ascension Seals vary in number and depends on the number of Radiant Guardians currently available.
  • The more Radiant Guardians available the more the cost of seals to be higher. Conversely, the more players are sacrificing Guardians, the more the costs will be reduced overall.
  • The open economy of Guild of Guardians means the cost is market-driven.

Can you just purchase NFT Guardians?

Yes, you can buy specific Guardians without going through the Gacha system by purchasing them on TokenTrove: Guild of Guardians Guardians Marketplace: Guild of Guardians Guardians Marketplace | TokenTrove

Photo for the Article - Guild of Guardians Guide: How to Play and Earn

How to Buy Guild of Guardians NFT

  1. Add funds to your Immutable Passport.
  2. Connect Immutable Passport to TokenTrove via Connect Wallet
  3. The Guardian should be available in the game as long as you are logged in to the same Immutable Passport.

How to Sell Guild of Guardians NFT

  1. Once you have an ascended Guardian, they will appear in your Immutable Passport.
  2. Connect Immutable Passport to TokenTrove.
  3. Click “My Assets” to view your NFTs and from there you can sell them.

Pay Attention to Team Compositions

Now we go to tips during actual battles. 

As a semi-idle team, oftentimes, selecting the right skill at the right time or party formation can spell the difference between clearing the dungeons and failing it completely. 

Every dungeon and every dungeon stage have a recommended level for the Guardian. For example, if it says the recommended level is 40, your Guardians need to be in that level to make it easier for you to clear the dungeon. See below for an example:

Photo for the Article - Guild of Guardians Guide: How to Play and Earn

Sometimes correct composition (a well-balanced team) and party arrangement can work to your advantage. Let’s take a look at the image below:

Photo for the Article - Guild of Guardians Guide: How to Play and Earn

For simplicity’s sake, in the above image, the party formation is not good because I put one of the melee Guardians (top-left) at the rear instead of it being in the front. To make the above better without switching out a Guardian, I have to swap the melee Guardian in the back with the long range Guardian in front.

The right placement of the Guardians are especially critical during boss fights.

Utilize the Restart and Pause Feature During Battles

Guild of Guardians allows you to restart a battle without spending additional energy, as long as you do so before being completely defeated. If you are struggling or some of your Guardians have died midway through a battle, hit restart. This gives you another chance to adjust your strategy, switch out Guardians, or rearrange their placements to counter enemy strengths and exploit weaknesses.

You can repeat this process multiple times as long as you are not completely defeated in the current battle.


There are more advanced tips, however, which includes Affinities, strategies to do during Challenges, information about Leaderboards and Guilds. 

In the above article, we mainly covered basic tips and tricks that the game already offers you up front, take advantage of them and you’ll surely have a better gameplay experience. 

Download Guild of Guardians here:

Learn more about Guild of Guardians here:

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