Web3 Education Platforms in the Philippines

BitPinas lists down the web3 initiatives, companies, and projects offering crypto education to Filipinos.

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Knowing the fact that the Philippines is one of the top holders of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and crypto wallets, the majority of the population is still not yet keen on the technology.

Thus, some companies and entities have initiated to focus on educating the Filipino community about what web3 is, specifically on the fundamentals of blockchain technology, setting up crypto wallets like Metamask, basic information about cryptocurrencies, and decentralized financing (DeFi). Below is a list of these initiatives to onboard Filipinos into Web3. Some of these projects are focused on specific topics while others offer general learning materials surrounding the blockchain space.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice and is also not an exhaustive list. The article aims to inform the readers of the existing platforms that can help them in their due diligence in researching Web3 technology. This is not a paid sponsorship from the listed companies.

Three of the known Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) that have created their own campaign to educate Filipinos about crypto are PDAX,  Coins.ph, and Maya.


PDAX has been growing its following and the number of available cryptocurrencies. They even do Facebook Lives and activate their YouTube channel for their followers to learn more about cryptocurrencies, trading, and even about NFTs. 

Recently, they have added nine more cryptocurrencies and have placed basic information about them within their own app. (Read PDAX Adds Nine New Crypto to Its App)


Coins.ph, which was launched in 2014, recently launched its campaign to educate its users and the social media “coinmunity” about cryptocurrencies. They have also placed information about the crypto they cater to on their app for their users to be informed and created a site dedicated to Coins Academy.


As soon as Maya (formerly PayMaya) incorporated Crypto into their mobile app, they also placed an in-app informative section on what cryptocurrencies are and how their users can buy and sell crypto using their app.

SparkLearn EdTech 

On September 5, 2022, the Bicol-based startup SparkLearn EdTech had their first day of their second cohort Blockchain Developer Bootcamp for 2022. This is a three-month long bootcamp where the participants will be equipped to develop blockchain technology. Some of the 36 participants are sponsored by Blockchain Space and INB Scholarship. 


METACRAFTERS: Learn to Earn Protocol

Metacrafters is a Learn-to-Earn platform where users can learn about developing blockchain technology and at the same time be rewarded with crypto as they progress.

The Metacrafters team is composed of Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sheila Marcelo; former Founder and CEO of Care.com and is currently a venture partner at NEA; Co-Founder and Head of Product, Kevin Yang; former Founder and CEO at Wyng and Head of Product at the McDelivery App. Co-Founder and Head of Tokenomics, Lauren Tornow; previously led international expansion and marketing at Care.com and most recently was VP of Subscription at Brainly.


Founded by Jiro Reyes, Bitskwela aims to educate Filipinos about Web3 by creating modules written and spoken in the different Filipino dialects. Bitskwela is creating more modules for Filipinos to benefit from. The website’s V2 has recently been launched. Read more about Bitskwela in our article.

Museigen Training Academy, Inc.

Museigen Training Academy Inc. started in June 2018. It aims to teach people how they can participate in the growing blockchain and cryptocurrency market.

Museigen Training Academy offers seminars, webinars, workshops, bootcamps, coaching sessions online, events, and support groups that could help jumpstart Web3 enthusiasts’ journey into learning about Blockchain and the Crypto Space.

Web3 Philippines

Web3 Philippines is an initiative to help Filipinos build in the web3 space. They want to expand to other blockchain networks to assist more Filipinos to become developers and web3 project creators. 

As of Web3 Philippines’ Discord server, they are aiming to have meetups in Manila, online workshops and Ask Me Anything events (AMAs), have a community blog, Web3 contest and challenge, web3 Hackathons, and they are planning to have their own decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) within the third quarter of the year.

Web3 Philippines’ website is https://github.com/web3phl.

Crypto Skwela

Crypto Skwela is an online platform where people who want to know the fundamentals of crypto, Discord moderatorship, and crypto trading can go to. These are paid classes, so those who want to participate in the class need to make the payment first.

Their official website is https://course.cryptoskwela.com/

The Sandbox’s Sandskwela

Blockchain Space and The Sandbox have partnered to create Sandskwela, where aspiring Voxel artists will learn about creating virtual assets in Voxel using their own in-app editor, VoxEdit. This is connected to the PinaSining program of Blockchain Space.

Tezos Asia-Pacific (TZ APAC)

Tezo Asia-Pacific (TZ APAC) is centered in the Asia-Pacific region and looks forward to partnering with local developers and builders.

In a Twitter Space, TZ APAC representatives shared about free seminars for those who would register for their program for free. Each participant will be given a certification.

For more on TZAPAC, go to their official website

Disclosure: TZ APAC is a supporter of BitPinas.

Nas Academy

Nas Academy was initiated by Nuseir Yassin, popularly known as Nas of Nas Daily, to help aspiring content creators and crypto enthusiasts grow their knowledge in the field they wanted to improve on. 

Nas Academy has invited key speakers to share their experiences and knowledge on video editing, social media content making, fundamentals of crypto, NFTs and blockchain technology, and other topics that suit the student’s passion. 

Their official website is https://nasacademy.ph/


YGG and Nas Academy teamed up for Web3 Metaversity to onboard crypto beginners and anyone who wants to learn about web3 and blockchain. Leading it is YGG Country Manager Luis Buenaventura.

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Binance Academy

Binance Academy is a platform that people can use as their reference on what is the technology behind decentralized financing (DeFi) and cryptocurrencies. It is a useful tool for those who want to learn how to use the Binance trading platform as well. 

For more about Binance Academy, visit their official website

Finblox University

Photo for the Article - Web3 Education Platforms in the Philippines

Yield app Finblox’s Learn Platform is a collection of articles to teach users whether they are beginners or advanced in knowledge in crypto.


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Closing Thoughts

There are a lot of resources that Filipinos can go to, whether it is from their mobile apps like Binance, Maya, PDAX, and Coins.ph, to online platforms initiated by Filipinos and foreign entities. As the market goes into a Crypto Winter, it is the best time to add more knowledge on the fundamentals of blockchain technology and crypto. These are just a few of those facilities that enthusiasts can go to, but always do due diligence in researching the background of each platform and see if they are credible to be the foundation for one’s web3 journey.

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