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Guide to MemeFi: Telegram Game With Speculated Airdrop

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MemeFi, a clicker game within the Telegram Mini-Apps Ecosystem, is now hosting three campaigns for players to earn more coins.

What’s the Significance: This game is an addition to a list of Telegram-based games with potential airdrops in the future, offering players to earn by playing and tapping. (Read: List of Free Telegram Games with Potential Airdrop)

MemeFi is a web3 social tech gaming economy that seeks to create a social economy layer on top of PvP and PvE gameplay. 

  •  It offers two games—MemeFi Club, a web3 game, and MemeFi Coin, a web2 game.

MemeFi Club is an online web3 game where the in-game characters are popular meme icons, like Pepe the Frog and Doge.

  • Players can join clans, tackle daily missions, battle bosses, and participate in clan raids to earn $MEMEFI rewards.
  • Each clan has a leader, called the “memelord.” Memelords guide their clans and make critical decisions to earn more rewards
  • The player’s goal is to be a memelord someday in their own clan. 
  • Interested players can go to the MemeFi website to start playing. There is also a downloadable version.

MemeFi Coin is an idle clicker game on Telegram.

  • Players can fight ghost enemies, which are also meme characters, and kill them by tapping on the screen. 
  • In return, players will earn coins. But because it is a web2 game, these coins are off-chain. 
  • Within the game, there is a multi-level system of enemies. The next enemy can also be fought after killing the preceding enemy. These enemies have lifespans and the rewards differ according to their lifespan. 
  • It also has a clan system, where members of the clan can earn more coins according to their total accumulated coins.
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By the numbers:

  • Total Users: 20 million
  • Daily Active Users: 4 million
  • Coins Farmed: 10 billion+

How to Play MemeFi Coin? 

Step 1: Go to Take note that it us only playable on Telegram mobile. 

Step 2: Click the “Start” button. 

Step 3: Click the “Play and Earn” button. 

Step 4: On the home page, start clicking the enemy until it dies. 

Photo for the Article - Guide to MemeFi: Telegram Game With Speculated Airdrop

Step 5: In the “Booster” section, buy using the mined coins boosters or utilize free boosters to increase the damage per click, the energy cap, or the recharging speed.

Photo for the Article - Guide to MemeFi: Telegram Game With Speculated Airdrop

Step 6: In the “Stats” section, check the league for which you are qualified. The higher the league, the higher the rewards could be earned.

Step 7:  In the “Earn” section, do the social tasks from the three campaigns available to earn more coins.

Photo for the Article - Guide to MemeFi: Telegram Game With Speculated Airdrop

Step 8: In the “Invite” section, obtain an invite link and refer new users to earn more coins.

Step 9: Join a clan to earn more coins.

Step 9: Do the secret tap combo posted on Twitter for a specific day. 

MemeFi Coin Airdrop: It should be noted that the airdrop campaign is still being speculated. But there is a hint within the Telegram bot that the coins earned can be exchanged in future rewards. 

What’s next:

  • In its documentation, the developers expressed that GameFi Coins will soon incorporate daily tasks with rewards in coins.
  • Alongside this future feature are the launch of “more complex” activities, blockchain and token integration, and a new system of incentives.

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