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NFT FAQ: How to Turn Your Art into NFTs to Sell Online

NFTs are more than just digital art. From music and videos to more traditional works, find out how to turn them into NFTs in our guide.

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Aspiring artists that want to enter the NFT space sometimes feel anxious around starting their own collections. This article aims to help aspiring artists upload their artwork and mint it on the marketplace. The article is divided into categories: Traditional Art, Digital Art, Photography, Videography, and Music

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Photo for the Article - NFT FAQ: How to Turn Your Art into NFTs to Sell Online

Convert Your Traditional Art to NFT

Traditional art is basically anything that is not digital in nature. It could be pencil, ballpoint, charcoal, crayon, oil pastel, water color, acrylic paint on canvas, and mixture of art mediums. The Philippines has a lot of talented traditional artists and Crypto Art Ph is doing a job well done on educating artists about the blockchain.

HappyChicken2022 does her artwork as a hobby. Her artstyle is on canvas using acrylic and oil paint. She uses Acrylic paint for vibrant colors while oil paint for muted color. As she finishes her piece, she takes a photo of her art and directly uploads it to Rarible, OBJKT and HEN and mint it.

Here are some of her artwork.

Convert Your Digital Art to NFT

Digital Artists either use their personal computer or mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. On computers, the most common application is Adobe. Some would also use drawing pads to easily make their strokes on their artwork. On mobile phones, some use Ibis Paint X as their medium to edit their work. Afterwards, the artwork will be posted on the marketplace to be minted.

One example of this is from The Digital Pinoy. He uses MagicaVoxel, Blender and Photoshop for his 3D jeepneys while on his new pieces on HEN, he uses Photoshop, Illustrator and Wondershare (for video editing). He plans to add music on some of his pieces as he desires to make a collection on the controversial history of the Philippines.

Convert Your Photography to NFT

Digital photographers usually edit their photos through Adobe products to enhance the quality of their shots and flaunt their creativity. These are uploaded to any marketplace available. An example of this is Bern for taking photos of dogs and cats to promote her advocacy to help raise awareness about animal shelters for rescue animals.

Convert Your Videos and Music to NFT

These two categories need a lot of editing and time to master. Titik Poetry, headed by Verlin Santos, uses videos to share their spoken word and mint it online on Tezos based platform HEN and OBJKT. They use Lightroom and Photoshop for their photographs as covers to their album and spoken word, while they use Premiere Pro and Da Vinci Resolve to edit videos.

KeysKD, on the other hand, is a musician whose albums are minted online. He shared the process of how he composes his songs on his computer. The apps he uses are Cubase, a digital audio workstation that deals with his musical instruments and Solid State Logic, an interface that deals with the music. He adds cover art to the album and songs to label them as his online. He said there are two options of uploading: one is saving the file into mp4 format and the other one is using mp3 format with the cover art in jpeg or png format, which works for OBJKT.

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