Abra Will Support Ether

Bitpinas learns that Abra will now allow users to have 3 wallets in their apps. This paves the way for the first ether wallet to be available in PH.

Abra Ether

Update (December 13, 2017):  Abra’s Ether Wallet Functionality is now live in the Philippines.

Are you ready? Until this week, there’s no direct way to buy ether in the Philippines. That will change in the coming days, or at least to some users of Abra who got it early. But yes, the popular bitcoin wallet will now support ether, the fuel that powers the Ethereum network.

Abra Ether Support

Abra recently announced support for 2 wallets at the same time. That meant having a Peso Wallet and a Bitcoin Wallet for us in the Philippines. Bitpinas mentioned how that move was late because other PH wallet sites like Coins and Bitbit already have dual wallet capability. (Read: Bitcoin Wallet Sites in the Philippines).

But with the ether announcement, Abra will now allow a user to have 3 wallets at the same time. So for us in the Philippines, one Abra app gives us access to a Peso Wallet, a Bitcoin Wallet, and an Ether wallet at the same time. This puts Abra ahead of the competition in the country.

Why Can’t I See Ether Wallet on My Abra App?

Abra mentioned in their blog post that this feature is currently available to a handful of users. However, they plan to make it available to everyone who has an Abra app in the first week of December. We will tell you once we get it on our app!

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