Alto Wants to Connect Games to the Blockchain

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Alto’s vision is to become the platform where game developers can mint, sell, and connect their cryptoitems to the blockchain.


Alto will serve as a platform for game developers to launch their *cryptoitem to fund their games. This is what the firm calls Initial Item Offerings or IIO. IIO is like an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) but instead of giving out coins, the devs give cryptoitems.


In Role Playing Games, swords and armors are very important types of equipment to make the characters strong. If the developer decides to do IIO, he needs to create a cryptoitem, for example, a sword. This cryptoitem sword needs to have high collectability or has to have great utility. It is a must for the developer to give it value as the player can just easily sell it in the blockchain and leave his game.

Cryptoitem for Different Games

Alto makes use of the blockchain to allow cryptoitems to get used and transferred from one game to another. So the goal is to have a standard specification for all items so that the player who bought it in one game can be used in another one. The player may also decide to sell or trade it to another player in exchange for something else, be it cash or another cryptoitem.


You have a kitchen knife, that kitchen knife can be used to slice vegetables, fruits, meat, etc. You can also sell or trade it to another person. This is the vision of Alto, they want cryptoitems to be like tangible items that players can use, trade, or sell.

Cryptoitems Future Materialized

As of this writing, cryptoitems are already circulating in the blockchain. Like Cryptokitties, there are also many blockchain-based game that players can enjoy. There is also a marketplace like Rarebits and Opensea where players can sell and trade their cryptoitems.

You can check Alto’s website by clicking HERE.

Source: Alto

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