Philippines Gaming Platform Partners With Waves Blockchain

The and Waves partnership will translate to developers creating games & items on the Waves platform, benefiting from its fast transaction speed and low fees.

Photo for the Article - Philippines Gaming Platform Partners With Waves Blockchain

The Singapore-registered and Filipino-founded company has announced a key partnership with the Waves Platform to allow more ways for game developers to make games and cryptoitems on’s blockchain-based gaming platform.

As a gaming platform, aims to provide a suite of products that allow developers to make games and craft items that can be used on other games in the platform. The items, which are called “cryptoitems”, are tokenized; nonfungible, unique, can be bought, sold, and traded within the platform.

For, a vibrant gaming economy based on trading of items can only be successful if it has an efficient microtransaction system. The system should be fast and cheaper.

Developers can consider making games on the Waves platform because tokens on that platform are easy to create – with no smart contract required for them to operate. This means there is no gas fee when tokens are transferred.

Despite being built on the ethereum blockchain, has begun announcing support for other blockchains. The partnership with Waves will mean that developers can create games and items on the Waves platform, thereby benefiting from this blockchain’s fast transaction speed and low costs/fees in terms of token creation and transactions.

Waves founder and CEO mentioned that the gaming industry is one of the most immediate use case for blockchain. “Game developers need a platform that will enable them to link in-game items to blockchain tokens so that they can be seamlessly integrated into different games, transferred and traded without friction,” he said in a statement, while also stating that Waves can provide precisely that functionality.

Recently, Alto announced a partnership with Hedera Hashgraph, allowing developers to create games and items in Hedera’s platform while retaining compatibility with other games on Alto’s platform that are built in other blockchains.

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