Filipino-developed Anito Legends Shares Plans for 2023

A new battle mode called Raid Battle is now in soft launch, and three events are set to commence this January.

Photo for the Article - Filipino-developed Anito Legends Shares Plans for 2023

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

  • Locally developed blockchain game Anito Legends announced its new updates that should be expected in 2023. 
  • A new battle mode called Raid Battle is now in soft launch, which players can access upon reaching level 15. It is a battle mode where players can venture down a long dungeon or take down a huge boss.
  • There are also three events that are set to happen this January: the Play and Earn Launch, the Lunar New Year Event, and the Gacha Store Shutdown.

To start the year, Anito Legends, a Filipino folklore-inspired play-to-earn game, recently shared the game’s new updates as well as their plans for players to look forward to this year. 

The new features include a new battle mode called Raid Battle; a Play and Earn launch in beta; a  Lunar New Year event; and a Gacha Store Shutdown event.

Raid Battle

The Raid Battle was released just before 2022 ended, it is a re-imagination of the guild concept, which aimed “to bring the meaning of ‘gaming guilds’ closer to its original root—a bunch of friends on the Internet united by a common task in a game.”

Photo for the Article - Filipino-developed Anito Legends Shares Plans for 2023

The Raids, where players can join, will allow them to venture down a long dungeon or take down a huge boss. Recently, Anito legends revealed the name of the boss from the Land of Lupa, called Sawa, just one of the many Celestial Devourers in Philippine folklore.

“Raid Battle mode has been out for more than 24 hours now and the feedback has been warmly overwhelming to say the least. We will continue to improve and build on this game mode as it has become a touchstone for the community,” the developers said in a statement.

Currently, Raid Battle is on soft launch. Players can access this mode once they reach level 15.

Play and Earn Launch, Lunar New Year Event, and Gacha Store Shutdown

“Moving on to 2023, we have a lot in store. Our timeline of events will be tight this month as we prepare for Play and Earn on beta. More information on the mechanics will be released in the next few days,” the developers shared regarding the play and earn launch.

After the Lunar New Year event, there will be the launch of the Gacha Store Shutdown event. The event will be like the game’s version of an NFT burning event, where the developers will be shutting down the purchase of Anito blind boxes and the only way Anitos can be bought will be through the secondary marketplace, which will involve the ecosystem’s breeding mechanic, Anito Summoning, and the selling of collectibles. 

“This, together with the TGE of $LARO (finally, we are doing this!) will complete our promise to release v1.0 of Anito Legends,” they shared. Anito Legends have two tokens: $LARO, the governance token, and $GINTO, the in-game token.

After these events, Anito Legends revealed it will be focusing efforts on brand partnerships, new in-game features, and “most importantly, a free-to-play version to capture the Play Store and App Store market.”

Though there is still not enough information about the Lunar New Year Event, all three of these events are anticipated to commence this month. 

Photo for the Article - Filipino-developed Anito Legends Shares Plans for 2023

Last September, the developers launched early access to the game, where they opened its two different modes—Adventure (PvE) and Arena (PvP)–for the players to try and experience.

In February last year, it announced the opening of its closed beta testing, where testers were promised one Anito non-fungible token (NFT) on Mainnet once the game launched. 

The Anito Legends is an auto-battler casual title developed by Filipino company Masayato Games; the writer of its lore is award-winning horror writer Yvette Tan

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