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Apple Bans Crypto Mining Apps on iOS

Photo for the Article - Apple Bans Crypto Mining Apps on iOS

Multinational tech company Apple recently released a number of rule changes for developers. This includes banning unrelated background processes like cryptocurrency mining.

Using a single mobile phone to mine cryptocurrency is like a grain of sand on a pebble beach. It wouldn’t do anything significant. But combining a huge number of iPhones and iPads to mine crypto is viable with its good volume of computing power. This is what some malware apps are currently doing and Apple is stomping out the practice.

The company released a guideline regarding malware and any applications “including third-party advertisements displayed within them, may not run unrelated background processes, such as cryptocurrency mining.”

iPhone and iPad users who are infected with crypto mining malware may notice a significant decrease in their battery life along with a massive CPU drain.

While Apple making a proactive move to ban cryptocurrency mining apps, Google (Android), on the other hand, is not yet taking action. The company, however, is updating its user policies and is keeping its doors open about the ban.

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It was reported during January 2018 that Google removed Monero-mining advertisements on Youtube. The malware was able to attack countries such as Japan, France, Spain, and Italy. The tech company was able to block the ads in less than 2 hours.

Source: ComputerWorld