A Blockchain Learning Center Will Soon Open in Manila Thanks to Appsolutely and NEM

Soon, a blockchain education center will soon rise in Manila. It will also be a coworking space and a hub for new blockchain startups in the country.

appsolutely nem blockchain center

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If you want to learn more about the blockchain, you can look forward to a blockchain learning center in the country soon.

Appsolutely-NEM Blockchain Center

To be built in Manila and set to launch in early 2018, rewards firm Appsolutely and the NEM Foundation want the center to become a place where students, entrepreneurs, and aspiring businessmen can go and learn more about the blockchain, the technology that powers bitcoin, NEM, and the majority of the cryptocurrencies.

As a blockchain academy, NEM’s Stephen Chia wishes for the center to be a place where people learn the basics of the blockchain, said to be the hottest industry right now.

The center will also have a co-working space, and possibly a place for startups to get started. After all, NEM has a global fund that can fund startups in the blockchain space.


Appsolutely is a firm whose specialty is building rewards platforms. Recently, they announced the Loyal Platform, where users use Loyal Coins to redeem and spend rewards from participating merchants (Read: Loyal Coin wants to bring merchants and customers on one platform)


Nem is a cryptocurrency and a platform that is more than a holder of value. Projects can be built on the NEM platform such as trading, instant message, and smart contracts. It is one of the world’s best-performing cryptocurrency according to Coinmarketcap.

Source: Entrepreneur PH

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