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AQWIRE Onboards New Partner for Its Blockchain-based Real Estate Platform

Photo for the Article - AQWIRE Onboards New Partner for Its Blockchain-based Real Estate Platform

November 28, 2018. Blockchain-based real estate platform AQWIRE has partnered with Forest City real estate project. Under the agreement, Forest City will be listed on AQWIRE’s blockchain-based real estate marketplace.

Forest City, located in Malaysia’s Iskandar Development Zone, is built to become an eco-tourism hub filled with premiere infrastructures like medical facilities, shopping centers, and more. As the man-made city aims to entice more investors and property buyers, it makes sense to partner with AQWIRE, whose real-estate marketplace will allow Forest City to tap and reach out foreign property buyers globally.

The partnership is expected to showcase both projects to an audience that may not have heard them before. “AQWIRE and Forest City is currently developing strategic marketing initiatives, listing optimizations, and so many other integrations to make sure we target the right market,” says JP Bayang, AQWIRE’s Director of Growth Strategy. AQWIRE is Forest City’s first international listing partner.

AQWIRE’s blockchain-based real estate platform aims to facilitate the entire sales funnel when buying real estate properties – from connecting property buyers up to the actual buying process. The AQWIRE dashboard can automate sales processes including KYCs and inventory management.

AQWIRE is powered by Qwikwire, a leader in cross-border payments for real estate in Southeast Asia. AQWIRE plans to increase its presence in SEA by expanding to other countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

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Previously in BitPinas, AQWIRE announces a partnership with Philippines-based SCI – Satoshi Citadel Industries to power its cryptocurrency payments platform.

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