Bitcoin Approaches Php 500,000

We are reaching a new milestone as bitcoin soars above previous all-time highs.

bitcoin 500000 pesos

Bitcoin’s price has surged above the USD 9,000 mark (Php 455,000) and is above USD 9,600 (Php 486,000) as of press time.

This drives the entire market value of cryptocurrency above $285 Billion.

New All-Time High

Bitcoin has reached a number of all-time highs this year. The last time we reported about an all-time high was back on November 2, 2017. That was when bitcoin first pushed about Php 350,000.

Less than a month later, we’re at Php 480,000!

Other Milestones

Photo for the Article - Bitcoin Approaches Php 500,000 reported a number of milestones as well for bitcoin. Among them are: 1) up to 375,000 transactions per day, 2) Only 4.3M bitcoin left to be mined 3) Bitcoin mining becoming more profitable to the ones with computers to do it (and the mining pools).

Of course with the increase in transactions comes the increase in transaction fees. It is for this reason that many proposed to have a fork, which did not occur due to resistance.

Will this Continue?

Bitcoin is extremely volatile. Everything changes within hours. You might wake up with more money or you might end up with none. Here at Bitpinas, we keep telling our readers to always invest in bitcoin only the amount you can afford to lose.

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