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August 2, 2018 Updated

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex announced the resumption of new user registrations in its platform.

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex announced the resumption of new user registrations.

Along with accepting new registration, Bittrex unveils its revamped website. Bittrex has added new interface features as well as improved security, according to the company.

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Bittrex has paused user registrations in December. The company cited saturation of the market and that its website could not keep up with the demand. Users who wished to register were told to sign up for a waiting list.

The pausing of user registrations coincided with the cryptocurrency market’s all-time high valuations in December 2017. As of April 11, 2018, the crypto market cap is at $266 billion.

Bittrex also announced new members in its team, which includes former employees from Amazon and the US government.

Bittrex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to trade their bitcoins to other cryptocurrencies. Users can also trade fiat money (US dollars) to crypto.

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