ECPay Partnership With BSP-Licensed VHCEx Will Put the Crypto Exchange in 9000+ Payment Outlets

The agreement that will put VHCEX in all ECPay platforms, allowing users to top up their VHCEX wallets across ECPay’s 9000 partner outlets nationwide.

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(Makati, Philippines) April 2, 2019 – Central Bank-licensed VHCEx platform announces in the SYNERGY event a number of partnerships meant to increase the presence of the exchange in front of customers.

On March 28, 2019, VHCEx announces 3 partnerships – with NEM Philippines, with ECPay, and with HWGC Coin. The partnership with NEM Philippines entails the addition of NEMPHP trading pair to VHCEx platform. Additionally, the deal will make VHCEx and NEM Philippines cooperate with each other for shared marketing and awareness campaign to promote each other and push blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives in the country.

VHCEx also signs an agreement with payments platform ECPay. ECPay representative and general manager Patricia Pascual is present in the event to sign the agreement that will put VHCEx in all ECPay platforms, allowing users to top up their VHCEx wallets across ECPay’s 9000+ partner outlets nationwide. The VHCEx wallet will allow more mobile-friendly access to the platform’s cryptocurrency exchange. It will also allow users to directly fund their VHCEx wallet for use in the platform.

The last partnership signed on that day was between VHCEx and HWGC, a stable coin pegged to the US dollar at 1-to-1 ratio. As a stable coin, HWGC token will allow users to easily secure a transfer of value from fiat to token without being affected by the market’s volatility.

VHCEx, with the registered name of “Virtual Currency Philippines Inc” obtained a license on July 2018 from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) to legally facilitate crypto to fiat transactions and vice versa. Of particular importance in the platform’s campaign to reach more people is the partnership with ECPay. Regarding this tie-up, VHCEx Philippines Head Mac Ocampo said ECPay’s integration with 7-eleven’s e-wallet will enable its users to easily deposit and withdraw on their VHCEx accounts, thereby bringing accessible crypto trading services to experienced traders and crypto beginners as well.

For us at VHCEx, we are all about learning and fundamentals, it all starts by providing our users with reliable partners such as ECPay and 7-Eleven. – Mac Ocampo, VHCEx Head

The decision to tap into existing payment platforms is a strategy employed by other virtual currency exchange license holders, eliminating the need to create a new payment or distribution channel for the company.

VHCEx plans to integrate more coins on the VHCEx platform and sign more partnerships to better establish its presence in the country.

This article first appeared on BitPinas: ECPay Partnership With BSP-Licensed VHCEx Puts the Crypto Exchange in 9000+ Payment Outlets

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