C Estates Blockchain Seminar to Empower Real Estate Players

Should brokers & players worry about their jobs in the age of “real estate on the blockchain”? This focus group discussion will help you think otherwise.

Photo for the Article - C Estates Blockchain Seminar to Empower Real Estate Players

C Estates Blockchain on Real Estate Focus Group Discussion
Photo for the Article - C Estates Blockchain Seminar to Empower Real Estate Players
Type of Event Focus Group Discussion
Ticket Price Free with RSVP
Date: November 16, 2018 until January 25, 2019 (every Friday)
Time 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Location 805 One Global Place, BGC, Taguig
Registration & Reserve Your Tickets at Eventbrite

November 29, 2018. C Estates Inc. is currently holding weekly focus group discussions in Taguig to spread awareness on how to utilize blockchain in the real estate industry.

Blockchain has a potential to change the real estate industry, says Mark Zilbert, a real estate expert in his contributed story to Forbes Magazine. Property records and sales can be completed without the middleman because of smart contracts. No human intervention is needed, said Mr. Zilbert, like a vending machine that spits out a product when you deposit money.

This means that a certain portion of the players in the real estate industry will change, specifically, the institutions and persons who will handle money and the transactions.

But should real estate professionals be worried about their jobs in the age of blockchain real estate?

Elixes, chief operating officer of C Estates doesn’t think so. Blockchain, in fact, can actually make jobs more efficient for real estate professionals, with the added notion that it can also boost their income.

To find out how, C Estates is inviting real estate players, like brokers, property developers, property managers, and investors in a focus group discussion to learn about the value of putting the real estate industry on the blockchain.

The focus group discussion will run from November 16, 2018 – January 25, 2019. Check out the details here.

In the real estate business for 10 years, C Estates is an offshoot of Capitarise Corporation that transitions into tokenized real estate as it thinks the industry will move in that direction. Being a highly regulated industry, the company seeks to use blockchain to move real estate processes, like document recording, ownership transfer, and actual sale, into the blockchain.

C Estates’ tokenized real estate platform runs on the NEM blockchain.

About C Estates Focus Group Discussion (PR Copy):

The series will talk about the real estate market, the problems, the proposed solutions, it’s projected results and the added value of using blockchain technology.

One of the speaker is a 10 year real estate enthusiast who was able to sell 700 properties in a week and 2,000 properties in almost 5 years of doing his career. This is a free event.

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