Report – BCH from August BTC Split to be Deposited to Users BCH or BitcoinCash created after the August 2017 Fork of Bitcoin will now be deposited to its users, converted to BTC. Learn more about it here. BitcoinCash, a bitcoin wallet and exchange site in the Philippines has begun depositing their customers’ share of BitcoinCash, which was created during the August Fork.


Since is not supporting BCH (BitcoinCash), they will convert it to BTC. This is the cryptocurrency that will be deposited to your Coinsph account.

Background – The August Bitcoin Fork

There was a Bitcoin network upgrade last August 1, 2017. This resulted in the creation of the cryptocurrency we now call BitcoinCash.

Put simply, if you had X amount of Bitcoins as of August 1, 2017, you also got X amount of BitcoinCash because of the split. said from the beginning that they will not support BitcoinCash. They did backtrack from that statement and admitted exploring the possibility of adding a BCH wallet on their platform.

Finalities – BCH to BTC

On September 2017, the company announced that they will not support BCH and opted to have the BCH created during the fork to be credited to the users, depending on the number of BTC the users had at that time.

Around October 13 – 15, 2017, users received an email from, telling them that they have already deposited the Bitcoin Equivalent of the BTC created during the fork to their wallets.

Few details

  • Exchange Rate was  0.08548036682
  • A Php 10.00 was deducted as payment for the conversion.

Reaction from Users

Many users were happy with this development, as they finally got the value created by the BCH Split to their PH Bitcoin wallets.

Photo for the Article - Report - BCH from August BTC Split to be Deposited to Users

Some, however, felt that the decision took so long to get finalized. As evidence, the value of BCH is now lower than compared to what it was before.

Photo for the Article - Report - BCH from August BTC Split to be Deposited to Users

Exchanges around the world, like the ones in Japan supported BCH almost immediately after the fork happened.

Upcoming Segwit2x

A brand new hard fork of Bitcoin will happen sometime in November 2017. This is known as the Segwit2x, which we discussed last time in our Daily Bits. is warning users on companies who will support the fork, and is one of those companies.

We contacted about it but they mentioned to check their blog daily for any announcements.


That took some time to deposit to their users the value created by the BitcoinCash fork is a lesson for everyone who keeps their Bitcoins in an Online Bitcoin Wallet. Some users might have taken the option to remove all their coins on and deposit them all to a wallet that will support the split immediately. But many probably didn’t. Maybe we didn’t have the time to transfer our coins. Or maybe we are afraid to do so because we already trust to take care of our Bitcoins, which they did.

Our point is that, we must all continue learning more about cryptocurrency, its risks and value, so that we are aware of such events. In that way, we will be able to take actions that will be valuable to us and our coins in the long run.

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