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NFT Enthusiast’s Thoughts on NFT Discord Whitelist Grinders

In part 2 of our article series about Discord NFT Whitelist Grinding, we talked about concerns and problems about this new Filipino online side-hustle.

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Recently, BitPinas published an article about Whitelist Grinders that narrates the point of view of a whitelist grinder and how they function and earn in what they do.

In this article, BitPinas takes a look at the other side of the coin—the side of an NFT enthusiast and guild manager who sees whitelist grinding in a different perspective.

As anyone in the space may know, NFT Discord groups grow either organically or inorganically. Organic growth refers to the manager or owner of the Discord server encouraging the community to actively take part in creating a healthy environment for the project’s community and its growth. 

Photo for the Article - NFT Enthusiast’s Thoughts on NFT Discord Whitelist Grinders

Inorganic growth, its counterpart, is when a manager or owner of a Discord server hires a whitelist grinder to create hype; their presence creates a warm, welcoming environment that invites more people into the community. However, this could drastically make the community cease to interact after the presales or hype dies out because the interaction was only done by the hired whitelist grinder to get the community involved.

BitPinas had a privilege to interview a guild manager, NFT enthusiast, and speaker who is against hiring whitelist grinders and stands by creating organic communities for the longevity of the project.

Miggy Azurin on Whitelist Grinding

Miggy Azurin is an entrepreneur, educator, and public speaker who is active in investing and collecting on NFT projects. He has his Youtube channel that is dedicated to educating about NFT projects and his experiences in marketing.

Azurin shared his thoughts about whitelist grinding, “I honestly do not like this current meta of NFT projects. Communities that are filled with grinders don’t grow naturally. Members only participate to get a whitelist spot and flip the NFT right away. While I understand why some people would hire grinders (or become a grinder themselves), I genuinely cannot wait for NFTs to outgrow this phase.”

Photo for the Article - NFT Enthusiast’s Thoughts on NFT Discord Whitelist Grinders

Whitelist Grinding as a Side Hustle for Filipinos

Azurin’s opinion about whitelist grinders if it is an opportunity for Filipinos or not, “Money is money and that’s why this system will continue to thrive. I cannot fault managers or grinders for participating in these activities because at the end of the day, the financial rewards are too good. So if NFT projects continue giving out WL spots to ‘active members of the community’, we will continue seeing more Filipinos joining in as grinders.”

Is Whitelist Grinding a Good NFT Marketing Strategy?

In terms of marketing NFTs, Azurin was asked if hiring whitelist grinders is a good strategy for NFT projects, and his response is, “I think the space has gained an awareness that grinders exist in many NFT projects. Eventually I believe NFT projects will shift away from rewarding people simply chatting away on Discord and move into other means”.

Azurin suggested having raffles and collaborations with other NFT projects to create more interaction within the project and, in his opinion, this is a fairer way to generate hype and might be the next phase where more projects look to gain more utility for holders. 

Talking about the future of NFTs in the Philippines, Azurin sees an optimistic view for our countrymen: the average Filipino can and will own NFTs in varying capacities, either through gaming assets, collectibles, digital real estate, or contracts.

“I believe that the next few years will generate more economic opportunities for Filipinos. NFT projects will be employing community managers, devs, artists, social media managers, etc. We have enough talent here to fill those needs. Projects will also work to appeal to customers here given current adaptation of crypto / NFTs here. P2E games will continue seeing interest for as long as players are able to earn a decent amount playing a game. Overall, this will be a net positive for us.” 

Miggy Azurin

Whitelist grinding or not, the bottomline is that projects with genuine support to and from its community will continue their journey in the NFT space. Prioritizing quality over quantity in the space always brings more value to people in any project.

Miggy Azurin can be contacted through Youtube, Twitter and his business website.

This article is published on BitPinas: NFT Enthusiast’s Thoughts on NFT Discord Whitelist Grinders

Disclaimer: BitPinas articles and its external content are not financial advice. The team serves to deliver independent, unbiased news to provide information for Filo-crypto and beyond.

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