CryptoKitties Postpones CurryKitties

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The first-ever game built on the ethereum blockchain, CryptoKitties, suspends its release of NBA superstar Stephen Curry-like kitties.

The limited edition CryptoKitties with the likeness of Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry is getting a suspension. Aptly named, CurryKitties, the company decided to postpone its release and subsequently posted on its official website:

“We have reason to believe Steph wasn’t as involved in the CurryKitties as we thought. Until we’re sure he’s an active participant, we’re suspending the campaign.”

CryptoKitties initially revealed CurryKitties in early May 2018. This release was supposed to be the blockchain collectible’s first celebrity-branded CryptoKitty. In the previous report, Stephen Curry’s own emoji app development company, Moji, was the one that approached CryptoKitty for the project.

CurryKitties was also the company’s supposed way of bringing decentralized applications (DApps) to the mainstream.

CryptoKitties is the first game built on the ethereum blockchain from Vancouver, BC in 2017. CryptoKitty owners can breed, trade, and sell their CryptoKitties. Its price differs depending on cat’s rarity.

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