Crypto Roadshow Manila

The event showcased new blockchain projects and is the site of new partnership and investment announcements.

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October 30, 2019 – Crypto Square Roadshow was held last week at Hilton Hotel Manila. The event is led by Mr. Donald Lee, CEO and Founder of Crypto Square and organized by BlockTides.

The event showcased new blockchain projects and is the site of new partnership and investment announcements. Crypto Square is geared to support cryptocurrency startups and midsize projects to global businesses via global match-up programs, community building, community management, and token sale/support fundraising through qualified investors.

Highlighted Projects:

Trigo Coin

trigo coin

Trigo Coin focuses on solving the difficulties of exchanging currencies while traveling. Just go, pay, and use Trigo coin whenever you cannot use fiat money. The company has partnerships with Soutchai Travel, Mina Travel, Xaisavanh Souvandy, D’Light and ongoing contracts to be signed with Philippine hotels.


Photo for the Article - Crypto Roadshow Manila

A processing service for settlement, exchange, remittance, and investment, PAYX aims to create a crypto-payment environment on confidence by Real-time Cryptocurrency Calu Confirmation Process (RCVCP) to overcome the limitation of various raining capital projects aiming to use themselves as a payment method in the real economy. From the interview with Mr. Sang Jang Seo CEO & Founder Sang Jae Seo:

Fintech Switch is the mother company in Korea that was doing solutions, we started PAYX since 2018 and building a cryptocurrency that will serve the virtual platform. PAYX is the most realistic crypto-payment project that will protect the customers rights and reduce the role of mediators. Our platform addresses the problem of fluctuation by ensuring fast transactions while at the same time being compliant with regulations.

Mining Watch

Photo for the Article - Crypto Roadshow Manila

Literally a watch that lets you earn points that can be converted into cryptocurrency while you do exercises and physical activities. MiningWatch has “mining watches” available for men and women. The company is backed by its partners Crypto Square and RSC.


International Sports Data Alliance is a blockchain-powered youth sports incubating platform that provides a more transparent and objective data tool for better evaluation of youth athletes. ISDA claims that only the top 2% of the professional football players have been enjoying data analysis service. The company aims to bring data analysis-based total care solution to the youth and enthusiast level.


The RSC Project utilizes blockchain technology to carry out mobility payment services embedded to a vehicle’s plate number. RSC will have member gas stations that have specific POS systems linked so that it can scan the plate number and find if it integrated with the resource coin wallet. RSC plans to utilize PAYX so that they can receive payments via PAYX-supported cryptocurrencies and Korean Won.


Photo for the Article - Crypto Roadshow Manila

WinstantPay is a global network for instant settlement of payments in any currency anywhere and anytime. It powered by SWIFT, and utilizes Western Union, and Visa/Mastercard without the overhead and lowers fees.  It is also AML and KYC compliant which allows it to bridge fintech and traditional banking together.

The highlight of the event is the signing ceremony of the collaboration between PAYX and WinstantPay. Both companies aim to utilize each other’s strengths and expertise to become a major force in the blockchain payments industry. The two also agree to represent each other in the global market.

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