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December 23, 2019 Published

Food and Trading – I recorded everything that happened during the OKEx meetup last December 21, 2019.

December 23, 2019 – Last Friday, December 20, 2019, the staff of OKEx Filipino Community announced a meetup that was set to happen the next day, Saturday, much to everyone’s surprise. Truth be told, I was supposed to go to the Binance Meetup happening on the same day. However, seeing that these two might probably be the last crypto meetups of the year, I decided that I could go to both since their scheduled time is separated by 1 hour, plus both meetups were just a Grab away! In that way, I could report and write about the 2 final meetups of the year….

Of course, traffic and delays in the program proper prompted me to just stay on the OKEx meetup, where I arrived on time. I heard the other meetup did not disappoint, but this one didn’t either.

OKEx Meetup

The OKEx meetup last Saturday was meant to spread awareness for the OKEx brand and platform. It is a trading platform with various product offerings – including spot trading, derivatives, and even saving a.k.a Piggy Bank. I noticed the attendees came from different backgrounds. I was there to cover the event and not necessarily a newbie, but the attendees ranged from newbies to experts in trading.


The event began with an introduction to OKEx and how it is different from existing platforms that are known in the country. OKEx is for cryptoassets, not fiat, this was emphasized. You can trade for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can participate in exchange offerings. Most especially, new users who attended the event are given welcome bonuses in USDT.

The next part of the meetup focused on how to trade. Basic tips are shared by the OKEx community staff who talked about the importance of buying when the asset’s value is low and selling when it is high. Time frames are also given emphasis. A golden nugget is in using XRP when transferring funds.


There was a curious question from an attendee, asking “what is the subscription package” to trade. Apparently, they attended another event in the past wherein one of that exchange’s requirements is a subscription package. Well, there’s none for OKEx. There’s actually none for the bigger exchanges like OKEx, Binance, and even the local exchanges here. Subscriptions might be legit for some but it can be used as a tool by dubious exchanges to make money.

The latter part of the event is when some of the attendees participated in a live trading session so they can find out in real-time how it is done. Of course, not with their own funds, but with the bonuses given to them when they arrived at the meetup. The event ended (and actually started!) with food and drinks while giving merchandise prizes to lucky winners.

As the last meetup I will attend this year, I realized – from the diversity of the people who attended – how far the community is still when it comes to spreading correct awareness about cryptocurrency. Only through education will make it possible for everyone to get correctly informed. The Philippine blockchain and crypto community have witnessed the shuttering and departure of some key blockchain/crypto companies this 2019, but we can all applaud the likes of OKEx Filipino Community from toughing it out this year and continuing to push for responsible crypto awareness in the country.

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For Those Who Missed the Event

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Team OKEx Philippines

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