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Filipino NFT Artists and Galleries to Participate in CAWA2022

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The Philippines, being one of the countries at the forefront of crypto and non-fungible token (NFT) adoption in the world, will have several artists and galleries participating in the CryptoArt Week Asia (CAWA), a festival of art, music, performance, and experiences powered by the blockchain and Asia’s underground creative community. The event will take place in Singapore on September 23-30, 2022.

The participating Filipino Galleries are the metaverse-focused platform Ownly, web3 art gallery Meatspace, NFT and art marketplace Likha, and multi-genre art gallery Galeria Paloma. These galleries will display their featured artists on their respective platforms.

Ownly will be highlighting artworks not only by Filipino artists but by other nationalities as well in their own metaverse gallery.

Check the post below for the artists in the Ownly gallery:

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Included in their slate of Filipino artists is the founder of the collective Titik Poetry, John Verlin Santos, who recently released his NFT albums  “Galing sa Pinilas na Papel” and “KONSEPTO + KONTEKSTO.” He is also set to talk at the upcoming Albay Multimedia Arts Convention (AMAC) along with another CAWA artist Lei Melendres. (Read more: Albay Multimedia Arts Convention to Happen on October 8)

Digital artist Marso will also be participating in the event with her art filled with playful colors of pastel and precise, unique geometrical lines that form flat and glass-like designs. She also guested in one of BitPinas’ webcasts.

Ownly will also feature art from the bluechip NFT launchpad Scarletbox which minted the works of three National Artists – Jose Joya and Abdulmari Imao – are merged with the art style of Andre Baldovino (Joya’s grandnephew) and Toym Imao (Abdulmari’s son) and Larry Alcala’s witty and fun profile picture (PFP) collection. 

“Join us and explore the world full of tales and treats using your Mustachios NFT as the avatar this Sep 23-30 at!” Ownly wrote.

The gallery of Meatspace will also be open from September 23rd to the 30th, but unlike Ownly’s the artworks can be seen in their studio in Sta. Mesa, Manila “live beyond the screens of your phone and on Meatspace!”

Apart from their online art display, Galeria Paloma will also hold physical viewing of the CAWA participating artists at Power Plant Mall, Makati City.

Check out the artists invited to the Galeria Paloma exhibit:

Those who will visit these physical outlets will be able to see the artworks of one of the forerunners of the Crypto Art movement in the country and the co-founder of the art collective CryptoArt PH, Jopet Arias. 

Last January, he was also among the five artists to launch the group exhibition of the physical art exhibit titled, ‘Begin with a second, a mirror of the first’. And in the upcoming Albay Multimedia Arts Convention (AMAC) in November, Arias is a speaker who will talk about the topic “Fine Art with NFT.” 

Galeria Paloma will also display the artworks of Luis Buenaventura, founder of CryptoPop Art Guild, regular BitPinas contributor, and one of the pioneering Filipino NFT artists.

The artworks of the Philippines’ youngest NFT artist Sevi Agregado, the 9-year-old artist also known as “Sevi Loves Art” will also be featured. Last March, Sevi also participated, along with other artists, in the Art Fair PH. (Read more: Filipino NFT Artist Profiles: Sevi Loves Art)

 AJ Dimarucot of First Mint Fund will also have his art featured. He is a self-taught graphic designer, art director, and illustrator. 

In his guesting, during one of BitPinas’ webcasts, he stated that NFTs give an opportunity to give an artwork value.  According to him, NFTs are not something “that hurts small artists, in fact, it’s the opposite. Any type of technology where you can showcase your work to the world, and to actually put a value on a piece of work… I never see it as hurting, actually, it’s helping.” (Read more: Does NFT Hurt Small—Time Artists? AJ Dimarucot says ‘It’s the Opposite of it!’)

Artists on the gallery by Likha are still unannounced but it is confirmed that they are building a gallery in the virtual real estate Sandbox in partnership with BlockchainSpace.

What is Crypto Art Week Asia?

CAWA is a community-led art, music, and tech project featuring the continent’s most talented and forward-thinking digital and AV artists. We aim to strengthen creative communities and give artists a platform (and their art careers a nudge) while promoting Singaporean and Asian underground music and art ecosystem. Before the pandemic, experiences and installation art were exploding and finding new ways to express digital art. NFTs and crypto art has pushed possibilities of art innovation even further.

Crypto Art Week Asia 2022

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