Finding Fake Resume Using Blockchain Tech

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March 3, 2020 – A Spain-based startup develops a solution that, when implemented, will use blockchain to verify data and identify forge documents, like fake resumes.

Instances of job seekers presenting a resume with fake credentials to secure a job is a problem that has not gone away even today. This is especially true in the case of medium-sized companies that receive volumes of application but do not necessarily have the time and resources to verify what’s on the resume.

EagleCheck from Barcelona, Spain intends to solve this problem using software that tackle job fraud using blockchain. This decentralized platform works this way:

  1. The applicant will go through a background check, and then a CRA will verify their information manually.
  2. The applicant’s information will be saved on the blockchain, thus creating their verified digital resume. Blockchain enables the resume to be tamper-proof and can be reused by other CRAs.
  3. Finally, the next time someone requested a background screening on the same applicant, his verified blockchain resume can be accessed.

Lucas Gil Canton said in an interview with Decrypt that they opted for Hyperledger so that the process (verification) will be faster and less costly.

EagleCheck was founded with seed funding from Mousebelt Accelerator from Silicon Valley. A company in the Philippines called Doxcheck handles document security, preventing it from falling victim to counterfeit. They targeted universities with the goal of combating the proliferation of fake diplomas.

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