After Torque Mobile, this blockchain-based platform will be pre-installed in more phones

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ALAX, a mobile game distribution platform running on the blockchain is to be installed to hundreds and millions of smartphones. This is because of its numerous partnerships from Asia and Africa and from its successful token generation event (TGE).

The said TGE was able to raise a total of $3.8 million USD and booked a total of 63,110,095 ALX tokens. This will help the company reach the unbanked gaming consumers in Asia and Africa as per its vision.

ALAX also inked a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Egret Technology, a company based in Beijing that offers solutions and services for games. NiceGame, QuickGames, and China’s Bellotec, an SMS payment provider also joined the team.

As previously reported, the company already sealed the deal with Philippine’s Torque Mobile, a manufacturer of smartphones and tablet in the country. With the partnership, Torque will preinstall ALAX with the hopes of reaching the unbanked. Another smartphone manufacturer, Gionee, which is based in China and India, will also preinstall ALAX. This will bring the platform to at least 40 million users based on the manufacturers’ market share.

“We’re delighted to be working in partnership with these companies, and we’re looking forward to allowing greater access for people to enjoy the best mobile games in the market.” – Mr. Kalvin Feng, CEO of Dragonfly and Co-Founder of ALAX

Source: 150sec

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