IBM PH Details How Blockchain Can Help Startups and Big Companies

In an interview, IBM Philippines discusses how the multinational company can help startups and established businesses using the blockchain.

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Mr. Luis Pineda and Mr. Lope Doromal Jr. from IBM Philippines talk about the blockchain, its cost, and how the multinational company can other businesses, particularly tech companies and startups.

IBM Philippines Chairman and President Luis Pineda said that enterprise customers in the Philippines are very interested in blockchain. According to him, startups such as Traxion, Acudeen, and Plastic Bank stretch the innovation of what blockchain can do and apply it to areas that will bring value to the customers.

When asked about the cost of the blockchain needed for a company to get in the technology, Mr. Pineda responded by saying it is quite low (the cost). He then shared the three key things that companies need in order to get into the blockchain.

“The key things are the use case that you tackle first and the ecosystem that will participate in the blockchain and a couple of programmers,” – Mr. Luis Pineda, Chairman and President, IBM Philippines

He added that there are available tools for the public to start experimenting with the blockchain in just a couple of minutes. One example he gave is the IBM blockchain platform.

IBM Philippines Chief Technology Officer Mr. Lope Doromal Jr. shared how his company can help startups grow bigger as well as established companies cope with the digital disruption space.

He says that IBM’s role with established companies is to introduce them to the new technologies, how it can benefit them, and make them more competitive. On the other hand, with startup companies, IBM’s way to help them is to make their services easier and cheaper to use such as through the use of IBM’s Cloud services.

You can watch the interview on ANC here.

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