OKEx 4th Jumpstart Successfully Completed

Why are projects choosing Jumpstart over other platforms? OKEx Head of Operations Andy Cheung thinks it all boils down to the exchange’s liquidity.

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July 9, 2019 – Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx successfully finished the Wirex token sale through OK Jumpstart, its initial exchange offering platform. Today, we catch up with OKEx and Wirex to discuss what’s next for both companies.

OKEx’s 4th Jumpstart

Wirex is OKEx’s 4th token sale under OK Jumpstart after Blockcloud, Allive, and En-Tan-Mo, making OKEx one of the most sought-after platforms for initial exchange offerings. All have been successful, with Wirex now having more trading pairs and trading at 3x the Jumpstart price.

But why are projects choosing Jumpstart over other platforms? OKEx Head of Operations Andy Cheung thinks it all boils down to the exchange’s liquidity. OKEx has always been a top cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume at Coinmarketcap, rivaling those of Binance and Huobi.

“Every project team wants a large trader base so that they can acquire enough financial and marketing support out of it,” – Andy Cheung, OKEx Head of Operations

Mr. Cheung also highlighted the exchange’s “COMPASS” Project Assessment System, which is like an accreditation for those who pass it, making OK Jumpstart a go-to platform for token sale offerings.

As for future Jumpstarts, Mr. Cheung confirms there will be more to come while they continue to perfect their due diligence system, token sale rules, and process so as to offer the best investment option for users.


Wirex is a UK-based, FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated company that offers a Visa card integrated with crypto and fiat currency. This allows Wirex cardholders to spend their crypto anywhere Visa is accepted. It also offers 0.5% BTC cashback on all purchases.

The token sale offering of WXT tokens on OK Jumpstart is a vital way towards Wirex’ goal of mass adoption of digital currencies, says Pavel Matveev, co-founder of Wirex.

“Following its success, we will keep developing new services and products that push the payments industry forward and give people greater freedom over the way they use their money.”

Mr. Matveev highlighted the new product features launching soon, including a partnership with Stellar and the planned release of 26 fiat-backed stablecoins. He argued using their stablecoins is better as they are low-cost, near-instantaneous, no chargebacks, and no middlemen, with savings up to5% versus payments made via Mastercard or Visa.

Mr. Matveev also reaffirms Wirex’ commitment to its users, claiming they will not rest until their goal of widespread adoption is reached.

“Some companies might sit back and relax after a successful IEO. Not us. Upcoming projects include today’s XLM release in the APAC region, the integration of even more top-50 digital currencies onto the Wirex app, the introduction of Wirex Visa travelcards to customers in APAC, expansion into the US and the rollout of our Business programme into Asia and the US.”

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