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Kris Lawrence Releases a Song as His First NFT

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“I’ve been doing this new venture, NFT. A lot of our businesses have gone into the metaverse or the crypto space. A lot of things have changed. As an artist, I personally believe that this is where a lot of things are headed.”

In a zoom press conference, R&B singer Kris Lawrence announced the launch of his new single titled “Future Girl” and it would be released as a non-fungible token (NFT) with only 250 copies in the new NFT market called SongRise. 

According to him, he is the platform’s inaugural artist and currently the only Filipino. He stated that he is “very, very excited about this project. My very first NFT.”

The digital art for the song “Future Girl ” was made by Canada-based Andrew Real and Kuya Productions. The song was officially released on January 28.

“We are minting only 250 copies of this NFT. It’s very, very limited. That will probably keep the NFT value scarce and up. It’s authenticated on the blockchain, so it’s basically a collectible. There’s a digital art work that goes with the song. Once it gets sold out, the ones who bought the NFT for ‘Future Girl,’ they can resell. Only 250 people will have the minted, authenticated version,” Lawrence said.

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Lawrence stated that those who purchased his NFT can get 50 percent off from all KL (Kris Lawrence) merchandise as well as discounts to his concerts in the future.

If things don’t go as planned, Lawrence shared that he can release his song on music streaming platforms as his contract with SongRise is non-exclusive.

“If worse comes to worse, if I don’t create any noise, I can always put the song on Spotify after three months or five months, but I’m going to see this NFT ride for a bit and see where it goes,” he added.

Since last year, several Filipino personalities and entities already ventured in the NFT space such as Nadine Lustre, Heart Evangelista, Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe Philippines, National Book Development Board (NBDB), Team Manila, La Union Surf Club (LUSC), Mask on Buttons, Titik Poetry, and graphics novel Trese.

Moreover, UnionDigital Bank also announced their plan to venture into the NFT market this year. The announcement was said during the virtual media roundtable E-TalkTales on December 21. (Read more: UnionDigital Bank Eyes Venturing Into NFT)

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