Loyal Wallet iOS Now Live

The iOS app features a list of merchants where Loyal Coin users can exchange LYL with rewards and products.

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The latest video update from Loyal Coin announces the Loyal Wallet’s launch on iOS devices, a Korea meetup, and Loyal Coin’s expansion in Europe.

Loyal Wallet

The Loyal Wallet is finally live for iOS users in the Philippines. Bitpinas finds the following information within the app that can be of interest to non-loyal coin holders who want to check out the token soon.

List of Loyal Coin Merchants on Loyal Wallet

  • Amanda’s Place (coming soon)
  • Get Go (coming soon)
  • Gong Cha (Uptown Mall, BGC Branch)
  • Pizza Studio (Uptown Parade, BGC Branch)
  • Punta Mandala (Pleasant Hills, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong)

Note on Merchants: Keep in mind that redeeming Loyal Coin at Gong Cha is only available at its Uptown Mall branch.

Loyal Wallet List of Current Rewards

  • Gong Cha
    • Free Drinks worth Php 110 = LYL 53.33
    • Free Upsize = LYL 16.67
    • Gong Cha Calendar = LYL 16.67
    • 50% Discount on Drink of the Day = LYL 33.33
    • Gong Cha Planner & Calendar = LYL 33.33
  • Punta Mandala
    • Nachos Mexicana = LYL: 733.33
    • El Sisig with Egg = LYL 916.67
    • Beer Bucket = LYL 1000

Loyal Wallet Account Verifications

Current account verification (or Know-Your-Customer KYC) procedures are through a phone number and email. The app mentioned that more requirements for the KYC process will be rolled out in the next version of the Loyal Wallet app.

Can I transfer my Loyal Coin from NEM Nano Wallet to Loyal Wallet?

At the moment, this is not possible. However, according to Appsolutely, the function (import and export between Loyal Wallet and NEM Nano wallet) will be available in the future in another update.

Other Announcements

The Loyal Update also announces the following:

  • More details of its partnership with 50cycles. Users can also purchase electric bicycles with Loyal Coins
  • Loyal Coin expands to the Netherlands as it has already signed a memorandum of agreement with a partner in the country.
  • Loyal Coin is with the NEM Foundation this July 2018 for a Blockchain Open Forum. Also, Appsolutely CEO Patrick Palacios will be a speaker at the Korea Blockchain Summit on July 12 – 13, 2018.
  • There will also be a South Korea Meetup with Loyal Coin enthusiasts on July 14, 2018.

About Loyal Coin:

Loyal Coin is a blockchain-based rewards platform built on top of the NEM Blockchain. Users can earn loyal coins from one merchant and then redeem these tokens with another merchant, creating a rewards ecosystem that eliminates the need for partner merchants to create or maintain their own rewards programs and for customers to become owners of multiple rewards cards.

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