You Can Ride This Bitcoin Cash Jeepney from T.M Kalaw to Philcoa

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Meet Gen, the public utility vehicle sponsored by 20 Bitcoin Cash supporters through an “Initial Jeepney Offering”.

Bitcoin cash enthusiasts contributed 0.5 BCH each to sponsor Gen (vehicle’s name). Since the #InitialJeepneyOffering is gaining traction, the team is still open for contributors to become a “chairholder”, as they are literally contributing a chair to the jeepney.

Gen is created to increase bitcoin cash awareness in the country, as well as demonstrate a use-case of cryptocurrency – paying for commuting.

Currently, the jeepney is accepting cash (Pesos) with plans to accommodate cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin Cash) and introduce electronic payments (like Beep cards) in the future.

Gen travels the Philcoa to Quiapo España to T.M. Kalaw Route in Manila. It drives around everyday minus except Friday because of the number coding scheme.

Source: Visor, Coingeek, BCHJeepney

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