Survey Says More Millennials Love Bitcoin Vs Other Age Groups

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So who likes bitcoins the most? Millennials.

Blockchain Capital Survey

According to the survey conducted by Blockchain Capital. Millenials, which comprise the ages 18 ā€“ 34 revealed their preference in bitcoin over, among other things ā€“ traditional financial assets.

Key Findings

  • 30% of millennials prefer $1K worth of bitcoins versus $1K worth of government bonds.
  • 42% of millennials are familiar with bitcoin versus other age groups
  • 48% of millennials strongly think that bitcoin is a positive innovation in finance and technology. 2% of Ages
  • 65+ believe the same
  • 27% of millennials think bitcoin is more trustworthy than banks
  • 41% of millennials think that in 10 years, bitcoin will be universally accepted.
  • 16% of millennials think they will buy bitcoin in the next 5 years


The entire result of the survey, which can be found here, suggests that millennials are constantly ranking higher when it comes to outlook about bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

The results of the survey reinforce our conviction in the massive opportunity that lies ahead for Bitcoin. – Blockchain Capital in a Press Release

2,000 Adults in the U.S. ages 18 and up are respondents of this survey conducted by Harris Poll for Blockchain Capital.Ā Millennials have more conviction about the bitcoin versus other age groups, yes, but the survey also showed that only 2% of the American population own bitcoin. Indeed Bitcoin still doesn’t reach mainstream but maybe we’re getting close?

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Michael Mislos