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August 27, 2019 Published

The company continues to perfect its due diligence and assessment models to ensure that is offering the best options to its users.  

August 27, 2019 – Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx successfully finished the Pledgecamp token sale through OK Jumpstart, its initial exchange offering platform. We catch up with OKEx today to discuss what’s next. 

OKEx 7th Jumpstart

Pledgecamp is OKEx’s 7th token sale after a slew of other successful sales for Blockcloud, Allive, etc. This makes OKEx one of the most sought after platforms for initial exchange offerings. All have been very successful and Pledgecamp, as of the time this article is written, is trading at 12% the initial sale price.

Why are projects still choosing Jumpstart versus other platforms? OKEx Head of Operations Andy Cheung says this all boils down to liquidity, with OKEx being one of the world’s most liquid market with a huge user base. The platform also offers spot and derivatives trading. Speaking of derivatives, Mr. Cheung said,

“As cryptocurrency trading develops, derivatives are now becoming a trend. You can also see more and more exchanges, even major ones, are announcing the launch of Bitcoin futures. We have been a pioneer with extensive experience in the derivatives trading field. Now with the launch of our perpetual swap last year, and more improvements and new products to come, we have a great advantage over our competitors.” – Andy Cheung, OKEx Head of Operations

What is next for OKEx? Mr. Cheung said the company’s goal is still the same – “to bridge the gap between quality projects and the retail investment market.” The company continues to perfect its due diligence and assessment models to ensure that is offering the best options to its users.

Speaking of due diligence, what are the key criteria to be included in OK Jumpstart? Mr. Cheung said the project must demonstrate not only solid capabilities in technology development but also clear-sightedness in marketing and community management. This will make sure that the project will be able to acquire a sufficient user base and reward successful token sale subscribers in the future.

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