Filipino-Led OP Games Collaborates With For First-Ever NFT Drops

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Founded in 2018 by three Filipino game dev veterans, OP Games has partnered with three (3) game developers from various genres &, an all-in-one Digital Art Cards (DAC) marketplace for creators & collectors to launch three (3) different NFT cards.

In a blog post, the pilot release will be a 3-day event that will feature three (3) unique cards inspired by the following games from June 5 to 7:

(1) Flip Flop by FeatureKreep – a mind-bending puzzle platformer where you can mirror levels to overcome obstacles and collect shards.

(2) Forest Cuties by Andrzej Mazur – a memory game where users can unlock collectible cards by doing various tasks within and outside of the game.

(3) Conquest.eth by Ronan Stanford – a strategy & open-ended game where players compete for control of the universe by capturing other players’ planets.

On June 5 at 00:00 (UTC), the cards are only available for whitelisted accounts who get a 10% discount for all of the cards.

On June 6 at 00:00 (UTC), the NFT cards will be available for the public (if still available) up until June 7th.

“The amount of each card available is limited. Once we run out of supply, there will not be extra cards,” the post stated.

OP Games, previously known as, is a global Filipino company which enables developers and the community to own, run & monetize games as a collective. OP Games has a suite of tools and Software Development Kit (SDK) that developers use to turn their entire HTML5 games into fractionalized NFTs which can be offered to the public as investable assets. In a Medium Post, CEO Chase Freo said the company wants to focus on this very specific subset of games as it’s clearly the most underserved segment of the game development space, with no clear pathway to monetization and only relying on advertisements that are often intrusive.

As stated in their vision, they want to empower independent game developers to monetize their games through the aforementioned fractionalized NFTs. This will enable the creation of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) so game owners can make proposals, to be voted on by the community. “ In this model, we are derisking a huge chunk of the games success dependency from a single developer to the entire community, giving games more viability to succeed,” Chase added. 

More information about OP Games can be found here. For the NFT drop, click here.

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