PH Inks Partnership with GGRocket

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October 19, 2018. The Philippines’ own blockchain-based game ecosystem platform, Alto, recently signed a partnership with GGRocket in a bid to help benefit the gaming community, both the developers and players.

The collaboration between the two complements the two companies as Alto has a strong community of developer partners while GGRocket has the blockchain protocol and analytics tools. This will enable a trustless ecosystem for tokenized in-game items that will benefit the two from gathering data involved during trades.

“We’ve partnered with GGRocket to give our game developer community a solution to monetize their games and better optimize their marketing spend, resulting in more sustainable income for game and dApp developers alike” – Mr. Gabby Dizon, Chairman and Co-Founder,

GGRocket is based in Singapore and has developed the first tri-function blockchain protocol designed for gaming. It has Proof of Data that rewards decentralized apps (dApps) for recording gamers’ data on the blockchain, Proof of Trade to reward the users for providing and trading data on the blockchain, and Proof of Judgement to reward the community members for resolving trading disputes. is where game dApps developers can launch their own cryptoitem to fund (and to be used in( their games. This is what the firm calls the Initial Item Offering (IIO). It works just like an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) but instead of issuing coins, the devs issue cryptoitems.

As of this writing, now has a different suite of tools that can cater to developers, players, and content creators such as its Alto Forge for forging cryptoitems, Alto SDK for game developers to integrate cryptoitems, Alto Wizard for item creators to build custom stores, Alto Backpack for players where they can store their cryptocurrency and cryptoitems, and Alto Portal for all the gamers devs to discover new dApps and cryptoitems.

It is also previously reported in BitPinas that Alto is part of the Blockchain Game Alliance. It aims to help spread the integration of blockchain in the gaming industry by developing common standards and best practices. Its founding members are, B2Expand, ConsenSys, Enjin, EverDreamSoft, Fig, Gimli, Ubisoft, and Ultra.

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The company’s Chairman and Co-Founder, Mr. Gabby Dizon, CTO Paul Gadi, and Creative Director Luna Javier will also attend at Gamefest 2018 that will happen on October 24-25, 2018 at SMX MOA, Manila, Philippines. The event will target aspiring game designers, developers, and creatives as it will focus on technology in games – art, animation, engineering, and blockchain in games.

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