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Philippines’ Blockchain Experts Urge Students to Study Blockchain

Photo for the Article - Philippines' Blockchain Experts Urge Students to Study Blockchain

During the Business Law Conference 2018, blockchain technology experts and advocates in the Philippines are urging students to go and study blockchain. This is to expose them to various use cases the technology can disrupt and to introduce them to its opportunities.

Aside from the momentous signing of NEM x CEZA Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), blockchain experts and advocates went ahead and urge the students to study blockchain during the event’s open forum.

Atty. Rafael Padilla, head of legal and compliance of SCI Ventures, challenged the students to study and learn the opportunities it brings. He said that the technologies such as handy mobile applications were also unimaginable before, just like the blockchain.

“I do challenge the entrepreneurs here to study this and understand [the] applications. The technology is something that you don’t need to understand in detail. You just have to understand what business cases you can develop and it’s up to you now how to use that technology and be able to monetize it,” said Atty. Padilla.

BitPinas has spoken to speakers in the Business Law Conference regarding their insights on blockchain education.

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When asked if universities will soon start opening up blockchain courses in an accelerated phase, Atty. Padilla said it will be similar to how colleges were able to adapt and offer information technology as soon as the internet becomes prevalent. “I envision that there will be an academic course on Financial Technology and Blockchain Technology, apart from the latter subject being integrated in the general Computer Science courses,” Atty. Padilla said in a statement to BitPinas. He also said that “Distributed Systems” is already covered in computer science courses.

When asked about the benefits of blockchain, NEM Philippines head Emerson Fonseca said this new technology’s benefits is much like that of the internet’s. The students need to learn how it can transform and make an impact.

 “Students need to understand the benefits of this new technology just like how we benefit from using the internet. How it will impact our everday lives, how it will transform businesses, how it wil change the society, and how it will provide solutions to most of the current problems we encounter.” – Mr. Emerson Fonseca, NEM Philippines Head regional head of New Zealand and Australia, Mr. Nelson Valero also added that they want the “Filipinos to become number one in this blockchain technology.” He said that the country is currently at the forefront of the race and urges the students to study it.

Mr. Jin Gonzales, Business Development Director of Union Bank Philippines, also gave a few words of encouragement to the students. He shared Union Bank’s initiative to push for financial inclusivity and for inclusive prosperity. He added that “this technology would bring that forward”.

The Business Law Conference 2018 was held at DLSU-Manila on July 28, 2018. Aside from the blockchain experts showing the potential of this technology to the students, a MoU signing between NEM and CEZA also took place.

Source: Newsbytes, BitPinas Interview