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PH Embassy in Oman Warns OFWs on Crypto Scam

Photo for the Article - PH Embassy in Oman Warns OFWs on Crypto Scam

The Philippine Embassy in Oman warns Overseas Filipino Workers in the middle east country to stay away from a brewing cryptocurrency scam.

Philippine Global Coin

According to the embassy, a firm called Digital Currency, Co. Ltd is trying to lure investors by claiming that its coin – the Philippine Global Coin (PGC), has the backing of the Philippine Senate.

Senate Denial

In a statement, the Philippine Embassy confirms that the Philippine Global Coin has no backing of the Senate and denounces the firm’s false and misleading statements.

“The Senate wholly denies the existence of the supposed partnership and firmly denounces any and all claims of Senate participation in such venture.” – PH Embassy in Oman.

Previous Report

The Philippine Global Coin Project first got under scrutiny after it used a picture they took with Senator Koko Pimentel as an official endorsement of the Senate President himself.

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Senator Pimentel said he met the people behind the project as a matter of courtesy to visitors. “I am shocked at their bold claims of an agreement between us using pictures that politicians normally have with visitors,” said the senator in a statement.

Source: Times of Oman