Philippines’ Altitude Games Develops Battle Racers on the Blockchain

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November 15, 2018. Ethereum-based virtual reality platform Decentraland is partnering with Philippine-based Altitude Games to develop Battle Racers, an arcade racing game on Decentraland’s platform.

A native game on Decentraland, Battle Racer takes inspiration from previous racing games like Mario Kart with added elements that are unique due to it being on the blockchain.

As an action racing game, players can design, build, race, and battle against other racing cars. At the start of the game, the player has access to the most basic components. Every car has different parts such as engines, boosters, wheels, and body. Upgrading them can improve the car’s overall performance, such as HP, speed, boost power, and even weapons (it’s a battle racing game after all.)

There is a public Battle Racer arena where anyone can watch public races. There are practice tracks and of course, players can battle other Decentraland players.

The player’s Battle Racer can be converted into a non-fungible token. This allows the player to track the car’s racing history. Take note that, it’s an option and players can choose not to convert them into tokens. However, a non-fungible Battle Racer allows for exclusive bonuses.

The tokenized Battle Racer can also be bought on Decentraland Marketplace for MANA Tokens.

The value of being on the blockchain is that the player will have access to everything about a specific Battle Racer, like its racing history. A car that has won numerous tournaments, or has been owned by a popular player can drive up value.

Altitude Games is gaming studio based in Manila, with games such as Dream Defense and Run Run Super V under its belt. Headed by veteran game developers in the Philippines, it received funding from Xurpas, a publicly-listed tech firm in the country.

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by ethereum. Anyone can create interactive content on its platform. In its virtual world, there is a finite supply of land and each parcel is actually a non-fungible token. Anyone who owns a parcel has full ownership and control of that digital space.

Decentraland is an Ethereum-powered virtual reality platform, where individuals, brands, and studios can develop rich, interactive 3D content on a decentralized platform. By dividing this virtual world into a finite supply of parcels of land, with each parcel corresponding to a non-fungible token, Decentraland gives its users full ownership and control of their own digital space, assets, and experiences.

Luna Javier, Altitude Games’ creative director and co-founder said in a statement, “there’s no better partner for us to develop our first cryptogame than Decentraland.”

Previously, the BitPinas staff had the pleasure of attending GameFest 2018, where Ms. Javier delivered a keynote on blockchain gaming 101. According to her, blockchain games is revolutionary because the idea of fully owning an item or character hasn’t really been done in games before. Calling it true item ownership, Ms. Javier tapped on interoperability, where items or characters from one game can be transferred and used in another game.

Sources: Altitude Games, Decentraland

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